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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

The obstacle is surely the way.

Image Credit: Thanks Vidar Nordli-Mathisen (Unsplash)

Ryan will kill me after this.

I might go for plastic surgery after this post and might be inactive on Medium for a while. (Trust me, I’m lying).

I always believed ego drives success but wasn’t sure how. Ryan got me an answer to that with his book fat.

Ego is the obstacle. The obstacle is the way. Trust me, I’m not lying.

I’m the most egoistic in the world. I’m not lying.

When my 10th-grade classmates were playing PUBG, I was replying to Play Store reviews for an app by a company I joined without knowing anything.

I kept doing it long enough and I became the most egotistical.

Ego is realizing your…

High achievers achieve because of ego. The mantra ego is the enemy can kill you.

Photo by André Miranda on Unsplash

People crying over a lie freaks me off.

What you think is the problem becomes the solution later. I learned that. Hard way.

There comes a time when you have a dire desire to achieve something. People call it your ego. Then follows this mantra, which some even tattooed on their butt, inspired by Ryan Holiday: “Ego is the enemy, stay away from it buddy.”

My reply to them: “Dammit. You just don’t get it. Ego is the energy, get closer to it, buddy.”

The ego is not the enemy. Ego is the obstacle. The obstacle is the way. …

Knowing this can save your career.

Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

Life is a bunch of paradoxes.

The mission of life is to experience life to the fullest, to figure them out.

What you think is right today messes your head tomorrow.

I strived to be the best leader. Then it hit me on the head: I will mess my people’s career.

I joined a startup at 15 with zero skills. I survived there. I’m 17 for three more months now and I’m still here. Only here.

The reason is simple: The leader is attractive. It’s not physical attractiveness though. It’s some invisible force… of charm.

Great leaders care more about…

Not: A writer is only as interesting as their life.

Image Credit: @ankurpatar (Instagram), acknowledged by Owner

Mass exposure to a lie makes it legal truth.

Living a cool life and bringing out coolness from your mundane life isn’t the same thing.

Yet people obsess over living a cool life which is mostly out of our control.

What’s possible is bringing out coolness from your mundane life.

Bringing out coolness from your mundane life = having fun. Trying to live a cool life means always on the edge to find something interesting and oftentimes fail, then feel bad about being alive.

You become interesting the way you sense the world. …

And an email after 12 p.m on any day is the next day’s concern.

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

Emails are bullshit.

I used to think emails are the best creation ever until I realized something deeper.

I wasted most of my career replying to emails, being a marketer.

Replying to 20 customer emails steals one hour (including personalization). When you get 40 emails daily, you don’t have time for doing something deep that matters. Then, when you wait for every follow-up reply to close the issues on the same day, you’re dead.

Those emails made me a writer, then a better writer, though.

Emails are designed to suck your time in preparing the best message in fear of…

And I’m afraid.

Image Credit: @alybassam (Instagram), acknowledged by Owner

Visiting a hospital is fun.

Especially when you have no worries like me, being 17. You get time to think without feeling guilt.

But this time I am afraid. Especially today, I am afraid.

Two situations I am the most afraid of visiting a hospital:

  1. When I have to take a test and will get the result on the same day. I am not afraid of the injection though. I am afraid I can’t eat or live the same way I always used to ever again.
  2. Then I am afraid when my loved ones have to go visit. I can’t…

Realize this so you become your VIP excuse.

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

I never received a paycheck in my life.

Investing in courses becomes hard. Asking parents for money is the easy way out, even though I’m 17.

Not having money to invest in courses led me to realize I am my biggest resource.

The ability to get started.

I wanted to get into a startup at 15, with zero skills.

The first message proved my skillset level: “I can be with you if you want.”

The first question was this: “How do you think you can help?” with a statement this is like marriage.

The first and the easiest step was to get lost. …

Less perfectionism = Reader’s heart unlocked.

Photo by mohammed idris djoudi on Unsplash

When I changed, my life changed.

Imagine not having to worry about whatever happens to you. This happened to me.

I stopped caring about my thoughts because I realized this: Anybody can be fancy. Fancy takes time. Life is fast. Life is messy. Fast is messy. Messy is cool. Messy = Perfect for life.

Clear thoughts are messy thoughts. Messy thoughts are imperfect. Clear thoughts are messy that people care for. Messy thoughts are perfect for winning people’s hearts because they are the thoughts that you felt with your experience and not acidified with the toxic filter of the world.

Know this so you never feel suck again.

Photo by Joecalih on Unsplash

I learned something by Mahatria that changed my complete game.

His videos popped up on my screen for some reason. This was the first time I saw him. I clicked on the video and was hooked.

In a video (possibly the 13th one on the next day) he shared something profound: “You can’t communicate to an unprepared mind.”

He was doing the same thing.

Stating something right away is bad communicating.

An unprepared mind just can’t take anything. Most people fail at communication for this reason.

This is why pros ask you to always hook people with your first sentence. It’s not actually hooking, it’s mind preparing.

The secret agenda is bigger: You find your happiness while proving them wrong (aka showing them the possibility).

Photo by David Suarez on Unsplash

Society messes your head.

“Impossible” is the only word they have in the dictionary.

Society programs you to act in a way you remain poor, then laugh in their rotten bathtub in the village…not about you though. They laugh at the numbers who bought into their programming. You’re just a number to them after you fall into their trap.

You can mess their head with your actions.

Risk-taker Aaron Will writes: “Getting fitter, richer and happier is the biggest middle finger to society.” That felt deep. I had to agree and shout “The longest one buddy.”

You need to keep things a secret.

I learned this: You…

Shajedul Karim

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