10 Quotes That Reignites Me Every Time Are Made Up by Me

You are your own inspiration.

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People love to die because they feel done.

They feel done because they realized the pattern. Repeating things helps you realize a pattern. Patterns give you clarity. When you capture those pattern in the form of quotes, you’re inspired forever.

I learned this the hard way on the way.

1. “I didn’t fail, I won once more before winning.”

Every time I face a failure or a rejection, I reignite with greater power, refine my goals, redefine my purpose, refresh my perspective, realize I’m dumb and refuge to quit and always rise revitalized.

Every failure redirects you to something you’ll hate or it redirects you to something better that matters.

Failure is not the opportunity to learn. Failure is learning. We miss that.

2. “Nobody can reject me unless I reject myself.”

Your decision doesn’t matter much. How you act after taking that decision decides everything. But everything starts with the first step: deciding.

You get to decide whether you give up or strongly rise up.

3. “I don’t need to be better, I just need to be a little different than yesterday.”

I never became good at something without being good at everything.

I learned this: different is better and better is best.

Wisdom often takes years to connect the dots but trying different things always helps you connect it faster.

Better is not better enough. Habits make you faster. Faster is better but not the best. You’re still doing the same thing in the same way with no progress but just a little faster. That doesn’t add anything to things in your life that matter.

Curiosity is the biggest school. Try to be better every day and it doesn’t multiply. Like things don’t multiply. Unlike things do.

4. “I cry because I live.”

Crying for help means I know I’m in a bad position and by crying I’m already working to be better.

Dad says this: “Frustrations keeps you alive. Life is always boring anyway.”

Thinking is being alive. Crying is being alive. Breathing, feeling something is being alive. Things that we don’t count are hints of we being alive.

5. “What if the destination I want to quickly reach is my end?”

A question I recently started reminding myself of because life can make you think you have to rock by hook or by crook is “What are you left with if you already succeeded?” and that’s everything.

6. ‘I’m not smart that’s why I have a purpose: I can learn daily.”

I don’t envy people higher than me even though I want to be like them because I can always strive to be.

Success is failure. Striving to succeed is true success. Striving to succeed means you try more. Trying more means you learn more. Learning more is fulfilling more. Fulfilment is a success.

7. “I matter for me.”

Not everyone is lucky. People die. Couple’s lifelong dream of a new baby die. I’m lucky to be in this world, like you. I owe me fulfilment.

We miss this: Everyone is always figuring things out. Sometimes people don’t care about you but you matter for you. Everything else sorts at the end anyway.

8. “People can hate me. They might hurt me. But they can never hunt my heart.”

I have a purpose for my life in this world. It’s deep in my heart and it filters out every negativity that enters.

A purpose deep in the heart ensures nobody can tear you apart.

9. “Unless I fall in love with myself, I won’t stop dating me.”

I sometimes hate myself for being me. But it’s fun to hate when you want to change. Hating yourself is the first step towards growth. You always improve when you suck.

10. “I shouldn’t run so much after my formal name I lose the ones who call me with my nickname.”

I still run after success. The strive feels fun. I’m 17. I have the maximum time to spend with my family but I work on succeed instead. It’s the biggest tragedy of my life. This quote reminds me to go slow.

You always have time. Your family matters more than money.

A quote by you can inspire you more than a quote by Naval Ravikant in The Tim Ferriss Show.

A quote works when it’s relatable. The good news is, your life is always relatable.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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