11 Things I Learned Writing for Some Time

This might save you years of pain.

  1. Having a lot of contents in the draft that are complete acts as motivation sometimes. Any time it gets to go Live feeling is amazing.
  2. Sometimes contents in draft demotivate you too. For example, when you got them rejected by some publications.
  3. Your weirdnesses make you special, unique, and attractive. Don’t fear to share your story with anyone.
  4. You discover your voice when you write freestyle.
  5. Be silent until you have a voice. You’ll soon be bored to be boring and come out with something great.
  6. If you start loving a long sentence, you are becoming a great writer.
  7. The magic lies in the obvious. Obvious is where we can relate. Don’t fear to include obvious details in your story.
  8. Every person in this world has a story worth telling but for us to listen and share it, you have to tell it right.
  9. Write and let others give you a theme. Niklas Göke done it. Tim Denning has done it.
  10. Make readers feel like they are the character of your story by sharing the monologue/dialogue without sharing who told it. Eg: “I am mad.”

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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