17 Signs You’re A Great Writer

Even if you think you aren’t

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“Writing is a tough job.” I agree.

“It’s hard to keep up the motivation to write.” I can feel the pain.

“It’s better to stop writing.” I’ll punch hard in your face.

If you have at least 10 of these signs, you’re a great writer, even if you think you aren’t.

If you have at least 4 of them, you’re a good writer and will soon turn great.

1. You Love Reading

Anywhere you go, party, bar, crush’s house, you carry a book. Even if you don’t carry it, you’re secretly reading it on your mobile at the corner of the room. Or you’re continuously reading different blogs and articles.

Not only are you reading, but also analyzing different techniques used by the writer to convey the meanings. You’re doing this to apply that in your writing and improve your skills so that you can present your BEST writing to your audience.

2. You Hate Reading

You don’t like reading, rather you love putting your thoughts out on the paper. Whatever you learn, you love to express them out, through your writing.

3. You’re Always Observing People & Your Surrounding

Even at the café or the shopping mall while your special one is shopping, you’re observing all the people and the surrounding. You want to get some topic inspiration or learn something new to add a different perspective in your writing and make it enjoyable for your readers.

And, I also know your secret: that old lady slapped you just because you were staring (I mean observing) her while she was shopping at the mall. :D

4. You Hate Talking With Your GF, but Chatting Makes You Romantic

This is because you’re more of a thinker. You’re great at thinking things. You like thinking before saying anything. And, chatting gives you time to think.

Also, you can test out your different word choices, quotes strength, or even a punchy line while chatting. At the same time, your girlfriend might give you some topic inspiration or a new (romantic) perspective on something, so you love chatting.

5. You Fear That Publish or Share Button

You spent hours planning the outline for your article, you spent days writing and crafting your valuable piece of advice for your readers. Still, deep down you don’t want to share this with your readers. Because you feel something is missing, you feel like you can add more value, you feel like you can improve it more. Because you LOVE your readers.

6. You Love That Publish Button

After writing, publishing your work is the 2nd thing that excites you. You crafted the most educational and valuable article for your readers and you want them to become better faster. So you want to push your article to your readers quickly.

7. You Hate Seeing the Stats (View, Reads, Reactions, etc.) of Your Writing

You crafted a great piece (at least you and I think that) for your audience and you want them to find it valuable. You don’t write for claps or likes, rather you want to make a great change in someone’s life. Stats don’t matter to you, your writing reaching the right audience does.

8. You Love Seeing The Comments/Responses

After waking up, your first thing in the routine, even before brushing is seeing the comments on your writing. You want to know what your reader thinks about your writing. You want to know how positively your writing impacted their life, you want to know how you can improve it to make it better, you want to know what next writing your audience is craving.

9. You Love Wearing Trousers

You just love trousers. Why? Because it gives you good warmth to think more. It gets your creative juices flowing. It makes you excited to write. It makes you romantic (for your readers).

10. You’re Bad With Data

You can craft amazing writing but you fear data. It just pisses you off. You just hate it. Why? Because nobody likes data anyway. It makes things confusing. And you don’t want to hurt your readers with unnecessary data.

11. You’re Great With Data

Data just pisses you off and you know it will do the same for your readers. So you try presenting data in a fun and enjoyable way, maybe through stories, infographics, or even memes — anything that makes your reader excited and makes that data memorable.

12. You Love Your PC More Than Your Crush

Everywhere you go, you’re with your PC (mobile if you write on mobile :D).

You give more time to your PC than your crush. You’re constantly writing (jotting down thoughts or new topic ideas, or just writing a new story) and will keep on writing, outlining, organizing. You love doing that.

Anybody touches your PC and you’ll kill him.

Your PC is her worst enemy.

13. You Love Organizing Things

If your table, bedroom, and washroom are organized, I know you’re a great writer. No more questions.

Great writers are great at organizing stuff. They put their raw thoughts out on the paper (or screen) and are smart at perfecting them. Unorganized stuff just annoys you.

14. You Don’t Fear Being Vulnerable

You want to inspire your readers, so nothing better than being vulnerable and showing them how you used what you say to become better yourself.

You aren’t afraid to show your pain, your struggles, your embarrassing moments so that your readers don’t have to face the same.

15. You’re Serious for Your Readers

You want to educate your readers and you’ll go to any extreme to do that. You aren’t reader-pleasers, just telling about what they want to hear. But, you’re here for educating them, making them better off.

You’re charming for your reader’s good habits, but evil for bad ones.

16. You Love Singing

Signing gets you to think better. It gives you better ideas, it makes you happy, it gets you in the mood to write better.

You just love singing.

17. You’re Are Always in the Bathroom

Half of the day you’re the bathroom. Why? Because the bathroom is your idea-generator. In the bathroom, you can think better (and in peace :D).

The bathroom gets you to think of exciting ideas for your writing.

Your mom thinks you’re having a stomach ache, but only you and I know the actual reason. :D

BONUS: You Forget Often

You plan to write a new idea or a great thought that came to your mind on a paper after 5 minutes. But, 2 minutes and BOOM!…you forgot that. You’re stressing your mind to remember that and somehow you remember half a part of it, but you lost the main meat, the punchy part. Now you’re banging your head! :D

One Final Thought

You aren't a bad writer, the mood you write in is.

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