2021 Can Be Awesome if We Use These Phrases

A gentle touch to someone’s world could be all that’s needed

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Pandemic, if anything, showed us the value of family.

Earlier hospital encouraged families to visit the patients but now you have to be there, battling through mental trauma along with physical pain, alone.

Pandemic already made us humane. Our rock heart melted. Our attitude decreased. We became emotionally stronger but incredibly sensitive.

We all need care.

2020 was tough for everyone, but 2021 can be awesome if we care about people.

One phrase is enough to gently touch someone’s heart and keep their hopes and aspirations intact, or even uplift those.

One phrase can, including make someone’s day, make you more charismatic.

Because to care is charisma.

To understand is charisma.

To accept is charisma.

To feel is charisma.

To listen is charisma.

We all are afraid. We saw a lot. We heard a lot. We went through a lot. Now we need someone who listens to us and acknowledges it.

Who Doesn’t Love to Hear These Phrases?

  1. “Without you in the team, we would never win.”
  2. “If you wouldn’t have hurt your sleep at 3 a.m. to donate blood, I don’t know what I would have done.”
  3. “Seriously, nobody can do this better than you.”
  4. “Buddy, if you wouldn’t have explained to me on the last day before the exam, I wouldn’t even pass. Thank you so much.”
  5. “Mom, the food was too delicious. You rock.”
  6. “If you wouldn’t be there, it would’ve been impossible for me to do this.”
  7. “Do you need any help in that project you started?”
  8. “Is everything well at your home?”
  9. “Your garden at the terrace is so cool.”
  10. “Your videos are awesome.”
  11. “How do you capture such amazing photos?”
  12. “Everything will get better. Don’t worry.”
  13. “You are so great at this.”
  14. “You are super amazing.”
  15. “Don’t worry about it. This will soon get over.”
  16. “Where did you learn singing such nice songs?”
  17. “I read your status yesterday. Brilliantly written.”
  18. “Don’t worry much about the exam. I’ll explain to you the concepts.”
  19. “This isn’t worth worrying about. Everything will be fine.”
  20. “If you can’t do this, who will? Say?”
  21. “Everything will be fine. Don’t worry.’
  22. “I made the same mistake once. Don’t worry. Not a big deal.”
  23. “Why so serious? Let’s go out and chill.”
  24. “Don’t worry about anything. I’m there.”

Whatever we do, we all need care. The care could be in the form of:

1. Acceptance: “Ahh, that’s interesting. Tell me more about this...”

2. Appreciation: “Wow, that sounds promising, dude. Where did you get that idea from?”

3. Approval: “Ahh, I got it. You’re right.”

In the hindsight, to care is to give attention to whatever someone speaks or does for us.

Everybody can speak. Not everybody can truly listen and acknowledge it.

When you appreciate them, you not only make their day awesome but everyone else they meet or pass by. Don’t trust me? It’s normal. I don’t trust myself either. Kindness is contagious, I learned that from experience and verified it with an article.

If you make someone’s day bad, that energy transmits to everyone. Just think about it: you shout your driver today. His mood is now worse. He is driving. Someone hits the car. Your driver shouts and curses the other person. The other person is freaked out now. He shouts his son for no reason. The son is now tensed. He’ll fight with his friends and the cycle continues. The same thing happens even when you do it positively.

Appreciate your family, friends, relatives, strangers for being there, for being so awesome. We never know whether we get another chance.

Maybe the pandemic is the signal for that appreciation?

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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