3 Easiest Ways to Produce Consistent Contents Every Day—For Free

You can almost hack content creation after this

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Content marketing is really powerful for a brand to get more exposure, thus more prospects. And, you need to produce consistent content to make your campaign successful. Let’s make the production part fun today…

If you follow these 3 ways, your competitor will be wondering what miracle happened to you.

1. Never Follow Trends, Make Use of Them

Are you one of those who hate the word trends, like me?

Awesome. You’ll no longer.

New trends arise every day. And, old trends get over every day. Just that it takes time to expand. Meaning, trends start slow and finish slowly, one place at a time.

This means you have new opportunities for content ideas every single day. And, you can target a great volume of people if you make use of the trend, even if the initial trend.

Now, by the trend, I mean things that are trending, topics that are hot.

Let me take our example:
2 months back, we heard about the unfortunate incident with a Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. And, the topic was mental illness.

So, we took the topic, thought about our niche, and made content out of it: “How to Overcome Mental Illness As A Programmer?”

The other day, sadly there was a bad incident with George Floyd. And, the topic was Stop Racism, Every Life Matters.

So, we took the topics Stop Racism and Every Life Matters and showcased the great, black personalities and their achievements.

Now, we didn’t do this for content ideas only. We genuinely believe every life matters.
This means you need to believe a trend at first before you make use of it.

We Used Trending Topics For Content Ideas

You Hate Identifying Trends, So Here’s The Solution:

If you’re at a company, start a 10-minute session every day where your teammates share their top findings of something on that day.
We do this every day.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur or self-employed blogger without a team, do this session with either your family or friends.

Now, mind you, just block 10 minutes. Nothing more than that, otherwise it becomes a chit-chat session.

Now, to make this fun, you may add gamification, meaning, awards like Best Scrapper Of The Month.

To make it go extreme, you can add special incentives, like money or promotion. 😁

2. Customers Are King, So Make Them Work Harder

Kings have the most responsibilities. And they need to serve their servants.

Customers are king. So, we are their servants.
So, let’s reduce the guessing work for us and make customers do the hard work.

Run Polls:

We add polls on our social media channels and let users vote for the next topic from 2 options (to make it less confusing for them).

That way, we know what type of content our users need at that moment. This also increases the chance of increased sharing rate, thus exposure rate.

Ask Questions:

After 2 days, we ask questions and collect all the great questions with higher frequency.

It’s fascinating how many content ideas you’ll get just by doing this (wait for our secret at the end).


How can we forget the comments?

Comments are the 2nd way people communicate with you.

1st they communicate with you when they spend more time checking out your content. This means they are communicating that they love your work.

By commenting, they express that feeling. And, you’ll get a ton of content ideas through comments.

One trick we apply is to ask people what could be our next post on?
For example, our content was Android Development RoadMap For 2020 yesterday. Now, in the caption, after adding a valuable caption, in the end, we gave a call-to-action: “So, which roadmap do you want next?”

And that triggers the comment. This also increases the engagement rate. 2 shots in 1 attempt. 😁

We Ran Polls, Asked Questions & Gave CTAs In Caption For Content Ideas

3. You’re the Servant and You Need to Serve

You committed for a great cause. So, you need to do the work and work harder on that commitment — you need to serve.

Make a list of your audience’s pain points. Things that users will be confused about a certain topic.

You can do this with the help of the next few questions:

  1. What is this?
  2. Is this good?
  3. How to start this?
  4. Where to start this from?
  5. When to start this?
  6. Should we start this?
  7. This One VS That One. Which to start?
  8. How do they work?
  9. What are the consequences?
  10. How much can you earn from this?

Confused? Read on…

Let me show you an example…

Suppose I want to learn to date.

Your content idea could be:

  1. What is dating?
  2. 5 Reasons Why Dating Is Good
  3. 3 Ways To Start Dating Like A Pro Today
  4. 5 Ways You Can Find Your Next Date
  5. #1 Way To Know Whether You Are Eligible For Dating
  6. Should you start dating?
  7. Dating VS Marriage. Which one is better?
  8. How does dating work?
  9. What are the consequences of dating?
  10. How much money can you earn from dating?

See what I mean?

We Brainstorm Content Ideas In A Google Sheet This Way

Our Secret

From just asking questions through stories on our Instagram page, we now have a list of over 200+ topic ideas and 100 of them are already ready to get designed and posted whenever there is higher demand. 😁

Our List Of Already Ready Contents


Content marketing is powerful, now it will be fun too.

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