5 Ways to Verify Someone Is Into You — Online

#1 Pass them through the “ferocity" test

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Last week, I was talking with the designer in our team and I did something different and weird.

I rudely disagreed with him, purposefully. His response was so harsh, I didn’t eat two days. My younger brother was happy he could eat my part of the roast. So I was happy, anyway.

I wanted to know the designer’s behavioural change at that moment to apply it in our next marketing move.

I passed him and five other people through a few other tests and figured out whether some emotion is fake or it is real and what those can mean.

In online, it might seem the hardest to know any true emotion of someone but some cues work best online, especially because we can’t fake it online.

Yay, I figured those out for you. How fun it would be to finally know.

1. Pass Them Through the “ferocity" Test

Message him/her and ask whether he/she has 15 minutes to talk to you.

Most of them agree. If they don’t, plan a different time.

This is to grab the attention and time and make the experiment a success, that’s without anomalies like “my network was down” or “I didn’t check your message after that,” because you need them to check your message the instant you type.

Why 15 minutes? To be on the safe side.

Ask him/her what she did for her grandma’s botox treatment if you know him/her personally. Or if it’s a professional relationship, ask him/her what new did they do for their company?

They’ll always often be excited to share those because those make them feel smart.

No, don’t say “Awesome” just yet.

Instead, say anything from these:

  1. “This is why you are so wrong” (wrong is a strong word that ignites ferocity — we don’t want to be wrong. The word This hints urgency, so he/she gets instantly furious)
  2. “That is a bad move” (we don’t want to do anything bad, we know we are always right — therefore ferocity ignites)
  3. “Let me tell you why you are so wrong” (this is stronger. I don’t want to know why you think I am so wrong — ferocity strikes)

Someone who is into you, i.e. either likes or loves you, trusts you too. They know (or feel) you can’t ever think bad about him/her and whatever you say is to help them improve. Your worst, bitter words sound sweeter than honey to them.

If he/she is into you, he/she will stop typing when you are to read and think and then reply something rather than bug you off by replying while you are typing too and that’s called just exchange, not even argument. Nothing happens by that exchange.

Takeaway #1:

If he/she stops to read what you are typing, he/she’s into you.

2. Pass Them Through the “number" Test

You can do either of two things for this:

Either ask him/her to give you a list of grocery items to buy. What should be the reason? “I’m at the shop darling/baby/babe/dude/dad, let me get it for you.”

If he/she is into you, she will never list it out with numbers.

This is because he/she cares: numbering means everything is mandatory to be bought, by you and bullet point means “I care about (love/like) you, you asked about this and that’s a lot to me.”

Or, try this:

List out different questions to him/her with numbers and ask them to answer it.

If he/she is into you, they won’t use numbers to reply you back. Why? They want the conversation flowing, not limited to numbers. Numbers block, bullet points open.

“So why did you use numbers in the subheadings of this post?”

[my eyes wide open, bite my tongue…oops] This is because I care about you. You already know this: I wanted you to click and read this post. Another thing you don’t know? I didn’t find any better way to present these points. See how truthful I am, how much I love you (wink).

Note: Sometimes people use numbers to make things easier and simpler. Don’t confuse with that. How to not confuse with that? If he/she says “1. Yes/yah/yeah/yeah baby” — if the numbering is used for a single worded answer, he/she isn’t into you. Got it? Love you.

Takeaway #2:

If he/she hates numbers, he/she loves you.

3. Pass Them Through the “DP" Test

This might take a little longer to see the result.

Change your profile, completely, everywhere.

The old profile? Just put that into any folder and save it for the future.

“Oops. I don’t have any hot image.”

Go take my one from my Medium profile.

After exact nine days (enough time to forget anything), ask them “what was my last profile picture about?/where was my last profile picture taken?”

If he/she remembers, they are into you. Why? They might stalk your profile daily so it sticks in the subconscious. That hints likability.

Or, if we love someone, we care about every small detail about them or their move and we remember it.

Sira’s mother distributed sweets when she said something sweetest in one of her post that sums everything:

“Someone who is not into you won’t even notice the small details. If someone loves you instead, they will impress you with their memory. They will remember almost every tiny detail of your first dates and how you two met.

Those who care about us tend to remember a lot of what we say and what we do.”

Or go to a little extreme. Pass them through a tough ordeal:

Slightly change something in your profile picture (like gradient angle) and after nine days, ask them “did you notice any difference in my profile picture?”

If he/she notices that, start preparing for your marriage. There’s no doubt they don’t love you.

Takeaway #3:

If he/she remembers where your ugly picture was taken, you’re very lucky — he/she loves you.

4. Pass Them Through the “emoji" Test

Oftentimes, we never use emojis for someone we like or love. Agree with that?

Do you know the reason for that?

Because we are always excited to talk to them. We want to talk more with them and not waste the precious time finding relevant emojis.

Also, our emotions are raw — not edited, nor modified. We don’t want to show them our emotions with emojis, we express them through our words.

Because, when we like or love someone, we don’t fear being vulnerable or being perceived as unattractive or ugly.

Takeaway #4:

If you’re not emojinized often or never, he/she loves you.

5. Pass Them Through the “special" Test

This is harder to verify because it’s harder to hack their private message.

However, you can steal their replies from a group chat and verify.

Whenever we like or love someone, we have some kind of special reply for them.

For example, if you use ok for everyone, for your special one, you use okay.

If you use awesome for everyone, you use love that for your special one.

If you use 😊 for everyone, you use 😘 for your special one.

…and so on.

Now, why is that? That’s simple: you have some special place in your heart for him/her.

Takeaway #5:

If you are Him rather than him, he/she loves you.

I Love You. Take This Away:

Most things could be fake online. But certain cues can never be faked even if we try to.

After all, it’s about habit, it’s about love.

Here are 5 cues to look for to verify whether someone is into you:

  1. They stop when you type and read
  2. They want the conversation to flow, not block
  3. They remember where you took your ugly picture
  4. They express their emotions, not show it through emojis
  5. They have a special reply for you

Do you see the future in your one-sided love now?

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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