6 Surefire Ways to Kick Writer’s Block and Welcome Writer’s Blast

These might be unconventional.

Image by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

I have been there. I understand how it feels not being able to write.

I figured out six ways to deal with it. It might work for you too.

1. Headline is the movie trailer.

Get everyone excited about it.

Before getting anyone excited about it, first, be excited about writing it. The headline should make writing the article feel easy for you. Doesn’t matter whether the title is great for readers. If it is great for you, your story will be great and you can then tweak your title to match it.

2. Start with your story.

What’s the transformation you had? How did the transformation occur This acts like a prompt.

Your story is vulnerable and vulnerability leads to flow states. Flow states make writing fun and easy. That’s your unfair advantage as a writer.

Stories make you relatable. Relatable means we connect. Relatable means we memorize it. We enjoy telling stories because it’s the truth. Our time flows easily, you enjoy, and the task gets done.

3. Freewrite.

Freewriting blocks every distraction and forces you to get everything out. Sometimes getting everything out is all you need.

Don’t edit while adding your free thoughts. Those are rare and invaluable. You understand their meaning later on even if it’s bad and that’s precious.

Use the arrow while doing it.

Arrows help you with the connection. You automatically think more and better. I don’t write: Tom Kuegler is a pro vlogger. I write Tom Kuegler → pro vlogger → youtube.

Use ellipses

Ellipses help you think better, therefore connect better. Eg: I want to live… because I don’t want to die.

4. Draw freely.

I scribble in my school notebook as well. This is crazy. I free-scribble. It opens your mind because you get into a relaxed state of freedom. Your creativity unlocks this way.

5. Use your favourite YouTube star.

If you can’t come up with good ideas, try to imagine your favourite YouTuber’s body language, gestures, and posture. And let the words flow out of their mouth in their way. This gets you excited to write and the words that fall into the paper is always gold.

6. Unnecessary blog banner size often distracts you.

And distraction is excitement sucker. I write down my story title and before doing anything else, I crop the best part of my image. A blog banner is best in 1140 x 300px.

What else do you try?

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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