7 Extraordinary Ways of Writing That Doesn’t Work Anymore

Enough of obviousness, we need a change

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We read to gain knowledge. We read to learn. We read to get better.

However, in the blogging world, an authentic voice is almost lost.

Writing is all about authentic voice. Neil Pasricha says is best: “When people buy a book, they buy the voice. The voice should be authentic, it has to be accessible to us. It shouldn’t be academic or filled with jargon that we can’t read it.”

However, that almost became the new norm nowadays. Similar writing, similar advice, similar tone.

Enough of it now, we need a change.

1. Don’t Explain Us, Entertain Me

It’s easy to explain anything. Why? Because we get it. We can explain what we know. But, what’s fascinating is, there’s a thin line between explaining and entertaining. In both cases, you have to know about the topic, but a slight angle makes things entertaining, and entertaining things are self-explanatory. Entertainment opens up the reader and educates them at the same time, but explaining bores off the reader to run away.

Do you know why we hate books? That exact reason. Books are boring. Not entertaining. We love to laugh and enjoy. Unfortunately, not everyone can give that to us.


Be funny, enjoyable, entertaining.

2. Don’t Instruct Us, Inspire Me

Everyone is instructing us nowadays. Because that’s easy. Our school teacher’s used to do it too. But we used to hate it. We loved to hear the success and failure stories of our Chemistry teacher’s love story. Why? Because they inspired us. They taught us, they sent chills down our spine and we wanted that — to be inspired.


Don’t instruct us, inspire me and I’ll come up with every answer.

3. Don’t Showcase It To Us, Just Share It To Me

We don’t want to know how many branded underwear you have. We just want to know why you have that many. Just share that with me.

We also don’t want to know how many app downloads you have. We just want to know how you achieved that. Just share that with me.


Don’t showcase your success, share your learnings.

4. Don’t Shock Us, Surprise Me

Don’t shock us with your alien writing. We don’t read to get shocks. Instead, write about unfamiliar things that I am already familiar with so that I can know about that better.


Surprise me and I love you.

5. Don’t Inform Us, Help Me Imagine

It’s easy to inform anyone. You just need some words. But it’s way tough to make anyone imagine something. Do that right and you become invaluable. Ask me why and I have the same exact reason: nobody is doing that right, even not doing it at all.

Do you know why we read books? Because we want to imagine. Movies never help us imagine. It is distracting us. It is stealing our imagination power.

Evoke emotion in your writing and help me imagine. Let me break the limit with my imagination power. You don’t need to share all the details. Let me get to my own conclusion. It’s far better if I can relate to someone I know, through your words.

This is the exact same reason we hate movies of a book. Our imagination power is shattered by movies.


Imagination isn’t common. Not everyone can get us to imagine. Do that right and you become invaluable.

6. Don’t Guide Us, Guard Me

Even our enemy guides us in the wrong path. Because guiding is easy. Guarding isn’t. Tell us how something won’t work for us. Save us from a bad situation. Guard us against danger. Don’t be honest, be truthful. Don’t guide me, guard me.


Guard me against any danger and I love you forever.

7. Don’t Write To Us, Write It For Me

Notice the previous subheadings. You got the pattern, right? Yeah, write just for me. Not the whole world. As an individual reader, I am your whole world.


Just write for me. I am your whole world.

Entertain me, inspire me, share it with me, surprise me, help me imagine, guard me, write for me and I become your true fan, forever.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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