9 Amazing Book Marketing Hacks From a Bestselling Author of 5 Books

It’s all about being reader-centric

Jhankar Mahbub with his 5 Bestsellers | Image Source: Author

Being an avid reader and a digital marketer, recently I got curious about Book Marketing. The founder of our team, Jhankar Mahbub was done publishing his 5th book last year in February. I sat with him to learn a few Book Marketing tips.

He says, “Minimum 40% of your book-related effort should be marketing!”

Then he continues.

Reviews Are Your Golden Key

1. Make Sure Your Close Friends Writes Review About Your Book

“Book review is really crucial for your book to start surviving. If you don’t have any followers or fans, ask your family members and close friends to write a review about your book on social media or any good website. That way, you get the awareness of their followers, and also this means your book is valuable.”

How to make this work for you?

  • Take your family, along with your special one’s family to dinner in a restaurant. Ask them to eat as much as they want. Then, force them to review your book, or else you won’t pay the bill.
  • This dinner party can even become a good chance to finalize your wedding date. Be prepared.

2. Goodreads Review Is Very Important

Goodreads is a book review website and a review there is very important. Obviously a positive one. You’ll see everyone there, from book authors to book readers. It’s a great awareness site.”

How to make this work for you?

  • Once you’ve read a book, rate them, and review them. After that, categorize your bookshelf into the genres. Become an active reader and an active reviewer before showing that you’re an author. After that, gradually ask for reviews of your book.
  • Host giveaways of your books. This is a great strategy to build awareness of your books and gain some extra reviews.
  • A review there means your book is actually really valuable. Go to any extreme, but get that review there.

Talk About the Readers Benefits, Not Your Interests

“Most of the time, some author just talks about his/her perspective about the book and not what readers will get from the book. This is really bad for you as an Author. When your writing benefits one reader, that reader will promote your book to a wider audience. It’s about being beneficial which makes you special.”

How to make this work for you?

Adding your perspective on something is fine, but justify that. Make your writing beneficial to your audience. Make them a little better person than they were before reading your book.

Social Media Itself Is a Whole World

“Start talking about your book on social media before the book is launched.

What I used to do was take some short snippets of texts from my book and share it on my personal profile and a few FB groups. This way, I got feedback about the concepts and points that I added in the book and I also know whether my book will do well or not. At the back-end, people are getting aware of my book (which is yet to arrive). If any of the concepts strikes someone, they’ll share with others and I get more awareness beforehand.”

Awareness takes time, so start doing it before the launch.”

How to make this work for you?

  • Join some Facebook groups related to your book niche and put some short, insightful parts from your book to those groups and also your profile. Why the Facebook group? Because Facebook groups have a vast category of people—some of them love listening, some love reading, some love watching, some love all. You won’t see all these categories of people together on any other platform.
  • Then, collect the feedback and work on improving your writing.
  • Even if you don’t get much extra awareness, you’ll get feedback and can improve your writing. When you improve your writing, it’ll become great after launching.

Your Publisher Should Be Your 2nd Father

“After writing your book, the next thing you need to worry about is your publisher. You can’t simply publish your book to any publication and expect it to do awesome.

Some publishers are big, but they don’t do the promotion for you. They don’t do any promotional activity or book sign ceremony. So, publish from a publisher who has good a marketing channel, a good social media presence, a good network, a strong distribution channel, and a dedicated marketing team. In this way, it becomes easier to sell a good number of copies easily.”

How to make this work for you?

Just don’t settle for any publisher. Choose a publisher who can brand you, who you feel safe to call your second father.

Put About Yourself in the Book, Make It Unique

“Talk about your life that will make the book unique. Because people love unique things. And, what else can make your writing unique then adding about yourself? Talk about your life experiences, your own story in the book to make it unique. Remember, unique things are antique, I mean invaluable. And, invaluable things are shareable.”

How to make this work for you?

I know it’s tough to evaluate your past and find out “good” stories to share. Also, you always don’t have stories. So, what you can do is match with life, collect your experiences on a sheet of paper or a document, get inspired by other’s life stories, and then share your own.

Don’t Think to Impress Others, Make the Book Impress You

“Some authors just want to tell a popular story and copy other popular books to get success. This should be avoided and this is actually harming you as an author. So, instead, write about your story, ask yourself whether you feel right about the story. If you can impress yourself, you don’t have to worry to impress others.

When you try to impress others, please people, you end up writing BAD. On the other hand, when you write about what you love, you express your feelings, you write with HEART. And, when you write with heart, it’ll resonate with your audience.”

How to make this work for you?

Write about what you love, what you feel right. Don’t try to copy others. Just be yourself and show out your soul, not other’s.

Book Title Is the Gateway to Your Reader’s Heart

“When you read the word Elon Musk, you’ll imagine him as a great technology entrepreneur on a mission to change the world, or philanthropist who is working more to earn more to give more, or an alien just working hard to go back to his planet. Your perspective will depend on how you perceived him in the first place.

Similarly, you want your book title to make this happen for you. You want to give a positive feeling to your readers with your title. Your book title will make your readers buy your book or go away for another guy.”

How to make this work for you?

The title of the book is the most important line of the book. So, spend days and months just for the title. Get feedback from others. Ask people what they think about the title.

To get some genuine feedback, ask random people that you don’t know at the shopping mall or the bar and also check with other authors or marketing person or publishers about your book title.

Book Cover Should Be Prettier Than Your Crush

“When you fell in love with your crush, what did you see at first?” he asked.

“Her personality?” I foolishly replied.

“Wrong. It’s her looks, her body. And now you love everything about her. Everything she says feels like honey to you. Everything she wears just becomes beautiful. Why? It’s because you are in love with her.

It’s the same with your book cover as well. When you impress your readers with your book cover, the whole book becomes amazing. And, amazing things are shareable.”

How to make this work for you?

The book cover is very crucial. So, don’t make it hard or traditional. Spend days and iteration over iteration for the cover and make it prettier than your crush.

First Few Pages Will Decide Whether Your Book Will ROCK or Be Buried Under It

“Do you know the secret of love-at-first-sight?” he asked me.

“NO. I’ve no idea.” I replied.

“Ok. It’s the first impression.” he responded.

“What?” I got confused.

He goes, “Yes, this is exactly why it is always recommended to dress well and walk well. Your first impression matters a lot. After your body impression, it’s your dressing sense and body language style that makes or breaks her heart.

The few pages of your book are just that. It’s your body language style (your voice and tone) and dressing sense (your personality). People don’t love your writing, they love your personality which makes your writing amazing.”

How to make this work for you?

Put most of your heart into the first few pages of your book. Those pages are really crucial. It’s the 2nd gateway to your reader’s heart. Show your personality with your first few pages. Show who you are. Whether a funny guy, a serious nerd, or a humble joker. Show us who you are with your writing.

Some Final Thoughts

When writing a book, think more about your readers. Write to them, not for them. Write about what will help them. When you write that way, your writing suddenly becomes amazing.

And, you don’t need to market an amazing work. People do it for you. When people like your writing, they’ll talk about your book and you need to strive for that talk. Because shareability is what will take you to big numbers.

Always remember, good writing markets itself.

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