My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

I don’t want to matter. I just don’t want you to shatter. Because you are smarter. With a gentle touch to your interior, I want to remind you you are.

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My friend, Mark, has only 29 teeth.

I don’t have my face as the feature image or Medium profile because I don’t have a single picture of mine on the phone.

I’m bad with designs but Mark introduced me to Canva. When he takes a selfie for his girlfriend, he uses Canva to put extra teeth.

It feels like a load for me to hold the phone and take pictures but I wanted some kind of background for my avatar and the green one felt perfect for your reading experience.

I know Banglishbic.

I study in Oman but I live in Bangladesh. I…

He is successful because he was happy — not the other way around.

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Zaheed Sabur is one of the most attractive people on earth. I mean gravity loves him.

He’s Google’s first Bangladeshi principal engineer and director but is always down-to-earth.

He makes you think deeply about certain things we don’t usually talk about. I learned a few lessons from him that you can take away too.

Keeping yourself small gives you satisfaction in small things.

When you think of yourself as someone special, each work you do gets measured. Anything you do feels less.

You lose the fun in small when you think of yourself as someone big.

Job and entrepreneurship aren’t much different.

We think entrepreneurship is freedom and a job is to be a slave…

What’s fascinating is: they love doing it

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A delete button gave me a hard slap in my dry face after a good night's sleep.

Our product manager tags the video editor and asks him: “What do you think should we do in this regard?”

It was a discussion going on between them for a copyright violation we got on our youtube channel. I didn’t know anything about copyright violation but I have to show my smartness right after seeing the message: “We should delete the video right away.” “Let’s delete it now.”

Someone instantly deleted my reply.

That hurt. I speak up: “Why did you delete my…

A colleague shared me his Facebook password — you can get whatever you want (even from you)

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I was the one who can do anything to please people.

A person I connected with to learn from: “Are you afk?”

Me [in the head]: I should be this …okay. Uhmm, what can I be? I am ‘as fun ….’? No no, I am ‘as frank kk….’? No dude, that guy is smart, it’ll be something genius. Okay, I am ‘aastoundingly foolish k’? Oh, what am I thinking! He’ll never say that to me. By the way, what could be with that k? Astoundingly foolish kkilogram? That’s odd! One sec, I didn’t say him anything bad, still, could that…

I learned them sooner than everyone else.

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I’m 17 and crazy. I started early. I’m not in the league my friend are in so I made my unique story and learnt some life lessons that are always mandatory. Today I’ll share it with you finally.

1. Suits might shine too, but maybe you’re in debt. True shininess is in the soul.

There’s zero coolness in materialistic things. Anybody can buy an iPhone after taking a loan or selling your kidney, but that’s not coolness. You lost your kidney.

Some people try to flaunt their money with suits and Lamborghini and iPhones. But, a new iPhone version is released every year. Where will you get another kidney?

True coolness isn’t in the suit you…

These might be unconventional.

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I have been there. I understand how it feels not being able to write.

I figured out six ways to deal with it. It might work for you too.

1. Headline is the movie trailer.

Get everyone excited about it.

Before getting anyone excited about it, first, be excited about writing it. The headline should make writing the article feel easy for you. Doesn’t matter whether the title is great for readers. If it is great for you, your story will be great and you can then tweak your title to match it.

2. Start with your story.

What’s the transformation you had? …

This might save you years of pain.

  1. A feature image can be a distraction. Have it to a size of 1140 x 300px (average blog banner size). Writing the story becomes fun that way.
  2. Having a lot of contents in the draft that are complete acts as motivation sometimes. Any time it gets to go Live feeling is amazing.
  3. Sometimes contents in draft demotivate you too. For example, when you got them rejected by some publications.
  4. Your weirdnesses make you special, unique, and attractive. Don’t fear to share your story with anyone.
  5. You discover your voice when you write freestyle.
  6. Be silent until you have a voice…

I am 17 and I followed this at 15.

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The internship is risky. Volunteering is the magic pill to have with whiskey.

Both can be same in one way: an unpaid internship is the same as volunteering. But, volunteering is freedom. Here’s how you can volunteer and still be the boss.

Start with a zero revenue startup.

I was bored at home with zero friends. Culturally I was engraved to be a software engineer because I am a boy. I explored a few apps to learn programming because I always want to be early. I fell in love with two. I offered them my hand. One of them replied. I started working after the initial…

Don’t be the hero, be a villain who saves

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My dentist only gets once chance to see my face.

I change my dentists more often than Hollywood actors change their girlfriends.

After every session, I have to change the dentists because they make me feel sh*t about myself for the whole month just because I honestly told them I missed brushing once because I was extremely tired after fighting with the bumpy road for three hours while returning home from a wedding I didn’t even wish to go.

But last time I went to a new dentist, I fell in love with him.

He was caring in the entire…

Because incredible success starts with an excuse — then, it turns into a purpose.

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The worst part about going for dinner on wife’s birthday is after returning home: you have to clean the house and make the bed.

Plus, when you’re the only one who can teach programming in a fun way, you are done.

You can’t even give excuses because you know she won’t listen. But you’re courageous this time: “Baby, I’m not feeling well today” and you’re off to bed.

She calls you a few times but even if Sun burns your pocket, you aren’t getting up.

The problem ignites when you finally wake up, in the afternoon. …

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