Humans sure are subjective, but we all strike the same feelings. When you read my work, you'll become a dad. Yeah, that's how I write.


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Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

You hate your ex?

No worries. Give a call to her. Ohh, do it at night only. Disconnect the call and call again.

Stop calling in the 3rd attempt. She’ll call you now.

Go for sleep. No no, don’t cut the call. Make it silent. Or keep it in the other room.

You’re giving charity to her mobile company’s bandwidth business. You’re a philanthropist while you sleep. You’re cool.

My family don’t know I write and I love that

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Silence speaks louder than words, surely | Image from Boss Hunting, made hotter by Author

Be accountable for your actions.

Announce whatever you do beforehand.

Ask your friends to slap you if you can’t act as you say.

That’s the way, my boy, to success.

Do you know why every guru or coach or expert say that?

So smart, you are. Right — so that you can never blame them as being a scammer because they know you are never going to take action, anyway, even after announcing it in the mic of World Health Organization and all the blame gets to you.

You’re the scammer of your own money and time that you took as a loan from your special one. …

The way you reject your friend’s toothpaste choice

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Sometimes all we need is a sense of freedom.

Sometimes some pieces are never worth it.

Sometimes it’s better to stop working on that.

Because sometimes those pieces paralyze us for weeks. And we doubt on ourselves for months.

If you don’t feel like working on an idea, stop that. That’s the signal that it isn’t worth it now.

There’s no pressure on you. That’s not a must. It’s not the top-priority of Facebook’s daily sprint goal.

Switch the idea.

Avoid the scarcity mindset.

That article will be bad anyway, and when you submit to publications with guilt and get rejected, you’ll feel bad. …

Shower? Yeah, this is also why you have the best ideas in the shower

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Go, grab inspiration's closer than you think | Image from DeviantArt, made hotter by Author

One of my friends proudly replied: Inspiration is something that allows us to do something which is out of our comfort zone.

He followed it with an emoji: 😁

I was going to punch him hard on his face, crack open his mouth, break his incisors and give some nice makeups on his face. But I calmed down. He’ll get married in a few days, after five years. I was expecting something better and cooler, from him. He’s a good writer. Anyway, I didn’t calm down. I gave him a digital punch with an emoji: 👊🏻

But when I thought about it for some time — three hours, it made sense. He wasn’t wrong. …

Can I find my fans first?

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This is the dude who always flaunts exactly 11 teeth and teaches us how to do the same, Neil Pasricha | Image from The Spotlight Agency

You sit on your comfy chair, turn on your air conditioner, dim the lights, and excited, you click on the next part of the 10-part-series of how to sell a million-plus book, even before writing one single chapter.

This is by the legendary Neil Pasricha whose mother forced him to brush his teeth ten times a day that he now has a wowing six bestsellers behind his back teaching us how to show our teeth, like him. So, how can we skip the video? — Impossible!

The title and thumbnail of the video are mesmerising.

Title Says: How To Get Your First FANS! …

Everything is clean now

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

You wake up after a great sleep in the noon, without fear, because now you work from home.

Lying down on the bed, without brushing or cleaning your eye discharge, under the comfortable air-conditioner, you start your computer, open your daily communication channel to talk with your colleagues and teammates.

The cool lying position now becomes uncomfortable. You’re on an argument with your colleague.

When you work for a long time, that too for free, sometimes nobody usually cares about you, even though you’re in the top of the managerial position and you’re not wrong.

You get to know why sometimes you’re freaked out or your teammates are pissed off. …

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Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

You sit down to write creatively and “Man, it’s hard.”

You sit down to drink elitely and “Man, it’s tough.”

You sit down to bath wholly and “Man, it’s harsh.”

But simply writing or simply drinking or simply bathing is easy, because it’s just that — simple.

Nobody wins Everest by mistake. Nobody passes the exam by ticking the options unconsciously. Nobody gets a scholarship by saying how scholarly he is. Nobody gets a job offer letter by simply sending out love letters to his dear.

It requires hard work and perseverance.

Repeat after me: Nothing prestigious is easy. …

By playing a game — (no journalling, no practice required)

Illustration of human
Illustration of human
Image from The Conversation choreographed and edited by Author with Canva

You’re sitting on the bench in the small park near your house, alone.

Your face is tense. The reason? You have just done a crime. You disobeyed a request of mine.

With a little, sweet voice, I requested you: “Please sit on the bench and don’t look into anywhere else other than the green grass for one minute.”

It was just three seconds and you struck your eyes off the grass.

Don’t worry I know it’s not your fault.

It’s your mind’s fault. …

It gets us to play the game of anticipation

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Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Tomorrow is your birthday. Yay!

Okay, I’m sorry I’m wrong. It already went yesterday.

But I loved the guess.

Social Media makes every one of us love guessing.

We love to expect and predict to then celebrate when our guess is right or get surprised with our wrong guesses.

But the emotion is always the same: we loved guessing and it was fun. The final emotion is a sense of delight because we experience the guess.

We’re on social media mostly because of hot news, cool celebrity or influencer pictures and for knowing the result of our anticipation.

Celebrities and models always post pictures of them, for us to consume. …

The surefire way

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Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

When it comes to mentors, it looks like a solution to all our problems.

The good news is, they are. However, it’s not that easy and is expensive to find a mentor (a perfect one) for you.

And, most likely, you have already tried connecting with them, but you weren’t successful and finally stopped with no hope.

The most possible reason for that could be because you even never knew the right way to connect with them, let alone become their go-to person.

Mentors don’t owe you anything. And, you can’t be entitled to them either.

Mentorship is a really sensitive relationship. To start it, you need to give them something at first. You need to provide them with value. Then only you can expect them to help you or you get the right to ask them something. …

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