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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

I don’t want to matter. I just don’t want you to shatter. Because you are smarter. With a gentle touch to your interior, I want to remind you you are.

My friend, Mark, has only 29 teeth.

I don’t have my face as the feature image or Medium profile because I don’t have a single picture of mine on the phone.

I’m bad with designs but Mark introduced me to Canva. When he takes a selfie for his girlfriend, he uses Canva to put extra teeth.

It feels like a load for me to hold the phone and take pictures but I wanted some kind of background for my avatar and the green one felt perfect for your reading experience.

I know Banglishbic.

I study in Oman but I live in Bangladesh. I…

Wrap it up with some innocent cry and you have a powerful story that impacts.

There’s something special about the story that attracts. Reading and watching tonnes of it makes it clear what it is: It’s raw emotion.

Raw emotion is the heart’s glue.

The Cry Is a Wake-up Call

We get so lost in this interesting world’s complicated surprises. The cry in the story interrupts that.

The cry in the story moves you. The cry in the story shows they are human like you. The cry tells you you could be them too. The cry hints you still have time. The cry lets you know you are impressive. The cry shows you things you have to be grateful for.


People miss that point. The bigger problem is: They know it.

Lifestyle business going mainstream doesn’t matter. Many people have completely missed the point.

Lifestyle business by definition means “monetizing your hobbies” and here’s the part that is missed in the definition: “…so you earn short-term money but be dead at the end without a fulfilment of purpose.”

I’m trying to achieve a lifestyle business though. Here’s why you should but shouldn’t.

A lifestyle business is an idea.

A lifestyle business is for the sick, retired, tired of corporate pain, startup politics, real politics, pandemic fear, potential health crisis, zero money in the bank, no child for becoming their stick, or someone who wants some time to…

Vulnerability is the most important, the most sought-after, the most valuable skill in 2021.

It pains me to see people believe lies and act on them.

The sad part is, they know it’s a lie.

Skills aren’t valuable anymore. Skills are freely available. What’s rare is vulnerability. (Think why free online courses by best of the best in their field don’t make you special or great as them even though you put your level best effort).

You don’t need skills anymore. All you need, cause it’s rare and the most valuable, is vulnerability in more doses.

Marketing? No, vulnerability.
Speaking? No, vulnerability.
Writing? No, vulnerability.
Cricket? No, vulnerability.

Vulnerability is how you’re relatable. When…

You quit when something is hard. Take advantage of that.

To get rid of anything you want, make it so hard to turn it ON that you stop turning it ON forever.

I always have the urge to check the mobile notifications even when I have do-not-disturb mode ON. I try to always turn it OFF and ON when something takes forever to load in a browser so I can “feel” productive.

What makes it worse is the damn notification above your screen telling you the do-not-disturb mode is ON and you can click ‘Turn off' to turn it off.

Losing a loved one to child marriage isn’t a nice surprise, however.

I have a common reply to most things so I don’t waste time every time.

My answer to a question on singleness is something you wouldn’t expect: “Mingle is pain. Single is gain.”

But who knows the real pain, knows.

Losing someone you love is more painful than not falling in love.

I met him at a startup I work. He makes life easier for everyone. He works harder than me. I act cool, he is cool. He’s also the topper of his class. I can’t handle both class and startup together at the same time. …

This is the simple formula I use to stay away from unnecessary worries.

Top writers say your stats are everything. “They’re your performance review.”

Well, I have this to say them: You can’t control someone’s mood and bad hour and countless other things that matter: Someone opens your work, the internet shuts down. Someone reads the first line of your story excited to continue reading, her daughter woke up.

Please forward this to them.

I learned this the hard way: Here’s the true performance review: When you finish something, you aren’t happy to finally finish it after messing up a lot in the way but you are happy to finally have written this…

Bad bosses are great. You just don’t know they are.

The toughest day of your life teaches you the lesson you can’t even pay your whole life to get.

You know what’s tougher? Wanting to upgrade yourself and having no control just because you don’t have any money.

I know him for more than a year. He’s our product manager. A few years back he was a junior developer working somewhere.

He wanted to get to his next level. There was a challenge. His laptop was old. It lagged like hell. The condition of the laptop was garbage.

He tried to fix the lag somehow. But couldn’t. He tries again…

This is how I do it. This is exactly what it is. This is exactly how you get to the top.

Body, trust me.

That’s buddy. I just asserted something: Body rhymes with Buddy.

Assume: What if there’s a better way to tell buddy? There is.

Association: Buddy = Someone’s body.

The result? Inspiration in the form of humour.

Here’s the inspiration equation I follow for any creative work which I know from now you will too:

Make an Assertion. Then Give an Assumption. Then Do the Association.

I didn’t figure this out of thin air or any other online blogs, however. …

Marketing can go wrong. True loyalty can save you.

I just finished my online classes, had a shower, didn’t have lunch yet (not even breakfast today), went for prayer.

I check Discord, our team communication server after prayer. The designer shares a poster. He needs a caption.

I thought for some time and shared a caption in the doc, followed by our brand hashtag:

Shave Your Beard, Man.

This was intentional.

I went to sleep.

The designer posts it on all social media at 3 p.m.

Two people in the team message me regarding this when I woke up at 5.27 p.m. One asks “What’s the reason behind the…

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