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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

The obstacle is surely the way.

Image Credit: Thanks Vidar Nordli-Mathisen (Unsplash)

Ryan will kill me after this.

I might go for plastic surgery after this post and might be inactive on Medium for a while. (Trust me, I’m lying).

I always believed ego drives success but wasn’t sure how. Ryan got me an answer to that with his book fat.

Ego is the obstacle. The obstacle is the way. Trust me, I’m not lying.

I’m the most egoistic in the world. I’m not lying.

When my 10th-grade classmates were playing PUBG, I was replying to Play Store reviews for an app by a company I joined without knowing anything.

I kept doing it long enough and I became the most egotistical.

Ego is realizing your…

Less perfectionism = Reader’s heart unlocked.

Photo by mohammed idris djoudi on Unsplash

When I changed, my life changed.

Imagine not having to worry about whatever happens to you. This happened to me.

I stopped caring about my thoughts because I realized this: Anybody can be fancy. Fancy takes time. Life is fast. Life is messy. Fast is messy. Messy is cool. Messy = Perfect for life.

Clear thoughts are messy thoughts. Messy thoughts are imperfect. Clear thoughts are messy that people care for. Messy thoughts are perfect for winning people’s hearts because they are the thoughts that you felt with your experience and not acidified with the toxic filter of the world.

Know this so you never feel suck again.

Photo by Joecalih on Unsplash

I learned something by Mahatria that changed my complete game.

His videos popped up on my screen for some reason. This was the first time I saw him. I clicked on the video and was hooked.

In a video (possibly the 13th one on the next day) he shared something profound: “You can’t communicate to an unprepared mind.”

He was doing the same thing.

Stating something right away is bad communicating.

An unprepared mind just can’t take anything. Most people fail at communication for this reason.

This is why pros ask you to always hook people with your first sentence. It’s not actually hooking, it’s mind preparing.

The secret agenda is bigger: You find your happiness while proving them wrong (aka showing them the possibility).

Photo by David Suarez on Unsplash

Society messes your head.

“Impossible” is the only word they have in the dictionary.

Society programs you to act in a way you remain poor, then laugh in their rotten bathtub in the village…not about you though. They laugh at the numbers who bought into their programming. You’re just a number to them after you fall into their trap.

You can mess their head with your actions.

Risk-taker Aaron Will writes: “Getting fitter, richer and happier is the biggest middle finger to society.” That felt deep. I had to agree and shout “The longest one buddy.”

You need to keep things a secret.

I learned this: You…

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Life from a coffin is the same as life from the sky with a sneak through the light of God's eyes.

I'm 17, failed big but didn't die so got a sneak through God's light and learned this:

Life = Fear × Error^3

The Gen Z master formula:

Worrying is the new charisma. Procrastinating is the new cool. 
Faking is the new charm.

The Life formula oversimplified for the dummies like me:

Life is an experiment to figure out that there’s nothing to figure out.

The education stage is the freedom stage.

If you hate education, it means you’re studying. If you’re studying despite hating it, it…

All your complains about education system resolved.

Image Credit: @ankurpatar (Instagram)

I am 17 for only four more months and it’s something I am not happy about.

18+ title is the worst title you can get.

I know what’s it’s like to be in adulthood: You get more freedom.

The problem is, when there’s more freedom, there’s more responsibilities.

But you can’t change what has to happen.

Here’s what I learned about education so you don’t have to the hard way.

All you need is self learning.

The goal of life is to master self-learning so you can conquer any barrier than comes your way without fear.

There are some problems though:

We take things granted the other way.

Education system sucks so you…

Your life is the best teacher, and everyone’s teacher is different. Original thinking is the thinking your life teaches you.

Photo by Pheara Prakso on Unsplash

I obsess with original thinking. Nobody says anything.

People tell me nothing because I don’t have anyone to criticise me.

Unoriginal thinking takes time. Nobody even knows I’m trying to think differently.

With the amount of information and knowledge I gathered, I can write 24 full-length books on different topics with ease. I don’t do that.

The world doesn’t need another Ryan Holiday with different colored teeth or a Tim Ferriss with hair. They need something better or something simpler aka something original that matters.

Most things I think are the same with a different perspective based on my life…

I am not mad, bro. Oh, wait maybe I am.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

You already know what you want, have to do, or are made for.

Self-help gurus just make it complicated so you pre-plan to keep 97% of your monthly earnings budgeted for them no matter whatever the hell happens to you or your sweet family.

That’s business. You know it but fear to understand it.

Here’s how to make everything clear as Donald Trump’s hair.

It’s hard for you to stop thinking about that thing.

You can’t live without it. Everything feels suck without finishing that thing. That’s the thing you are made for.

Thinking about that task feels like making some kind of progress and it feels good.

You can’t…

This means you aren’t selfish.

Photo by Juan Burgos on Unsplash

Happiness is sadness without family around. When they are proud of something you do, that’s when happiness = success.

I’m currently 17 and I always tried to be successful (financially and social-mediatically) but I didn’t know why.

What drove me was something bigger than me or my selfish desires, which I realized later: It was to make my family proud.

When I saw something happening to dad, his eyes getting closed, the head-turning towards the right, heartbeats stopping and not sure why because he never went for a checkup to spend every penny for us, I realized everything.

The worse…

The goal is to make platforms a good-to-have, not the only-thing-you-have.

Image Credit: SEUNGWON HONG (Behance)

I learned this: Unless you become a platform, you can die anytime in any form and nobody will care to inform.

Content creation is here to stay forever. Content creation is the ultimate form of creative dumping. Content creators will have the most and be the first trillionaires.

The more normal jobs are laid off, the more creative jobs rise. Future will be fun.

Becoming a platform could mean 3 things:

  1. Dominating a platform of someone else.
  2. Having a one-on-one relationship with your audience aka having your audience’s email address.
  3. Being someone people can’t live without.

Striving to succeed in…

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