My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

#1. I play the T20 game with my tasks & time.

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Trust me, anything with De sucks.

I used to be called the Deproductivator by my friends just because I couldn’t achieve whatever tasks I took on time and even distracted them from theirs.

Give me 24 hours and I’d make it 12 hours, anyhow.

Productivity is hard because it includes you in the equation.

Productivity means pro in doing your activity. And, getting to pro is hard. To get there, you have to act and keep acting until you go pro. Acting is hard, too.

But playing games aren’t. I used to hate the word games earlier but when I approached my tasks with the gamer mindset after a friend of mine was shouting: “man, games are always fun” when he came to my house for dinner and just ate yoghurt and tomato salad, I doubled 24 hours to 48 hours and started achieving double in half the time. …

But it has everything to do with affordability

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I had a superpower I wasn’t proud of.

Give me anything and I was the first one to find positivity out of it but nobody could realize it was fake. At the core, I wasn’t happy about anything even though I was positive just to impress others.

I was always excited to make someone’s day bad while sounding positive, just because mine was bad as well: “Buddy, don’t you think life is so awesome. It makes you cry, your tear falls…one drop at a time …and gradually some grass grows. But you smile and nothing happens.”

Until one day, while trying to make a friend’s day bad, he hit my heart’s core with cold…

Programmers can get anything for free

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All my friends have Alexa. I don’t.

It sucks. They make fun of me: “Shajedul from the 1943 BC,” followed by a laugh which, at other times seems perfect, but while making fun of me, it’s horrendous.

I said to myself “enough of it now.” My pocket money is over. I was worried. I had to find some way.

I reached out to my team. Before I spoke any word other than Alexa, one of the team members shouts out: “Don’t buy Alexa! Build your own. With just 20 lines of python.”

What Is This Project About?

Save your money and build your own Alexa. Make her do anything, yeah anything. …

A gentle touch to someone’s world could be all that’s needed

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Pandemic, if anything, showed us the value of family.

Earlier hospital encouraged families to visit the patients but now you have to be there, battling through mental trauma along with physical pain, alone.

Pandemic already made us humane. Our rock heart melted. Our attitude decreased. We became emotionally stronger but incredibly sensitive.

We all need care.

2020 was tough for everyone, but 2021 can be awesome if we care about people.

One phrase is enough to gently touch someone’s heart and keep their hopes and aspirations intact, or even uplift those.

One phrase can, including make someone’s day, make you more charismatic. …

I’ll have at least 21 in 2021

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The best goal to strive for in 2021 is to fail more because Seth Godin has proudly said: "If I fail more than you, I win.”

Go to a little extreme: keep track of your failures in a list. Call it Failurual list, your annual failure list. Increase one failure every year.

In February of 2019, I learned about this cool goal from my mentor. But, I’m in love with sunk costs. I didn’t try it thinking two months already passed, it’s late.

But in 2020, I took the challenge. I failed more than I won and I started loving failures. It not only made me courageous to face any situation but it also made the world beautiful for me: now I look forward to a new day with a new desire to explore and fail. …

5 hacks to achieve more and rock your 2021

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I can guarantee how the first six months of 2021 is going to be.

How? I have already lived 6 months of 2021 in 2020.

In mid-2020, I evaluated my current condition and there’s no improvement. The lockdown too gave a free coupon to waste time on unnecessary stuff rather than be productive and achieve our goals.

I assessed how most of my time was lost and wasn’t surprised by that. Rather than a driving force towards my goals, all I had the most was draining forces.

By doing some research over the internet, talking with a few people and slowly analyzing while applying them, I figured out five hacks that always works to achieve double in half the time and convert those draining forces to driving forces. The idea is to extract unnecessary wasted hours to double our daily time. …

People don’t need the best product, they crave for the best care

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I did a crime nobody is still aware of.

Boredom truly breeds criminal activity.

Waiting, doing nothing isn’t the coolest thing for a kid — especially in your shop, that too a restaurant.

If it’s someone else’s shop, you can have some fun: run around, break things, scream with the top of your voice, and most importantly, be the boss.

I forget things too quickly but when I do remember it, I write it down.

When I visited our shop’s store last Friday, my eyes fall on the chair I used to sit. How did I recognize it? I have carved my name on it long back. Don’t tell this to anyone, okay? …

So simple they are, I saved double this year

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I threw my wallet.

It isn’t enough to hold the extra money I started earning. I call it earning because I earned them with some simple hacks, otherwise, it would have been an expense and wasted money.

I saved more than I ever could this year. No no, don’t get depressed. I didn’t save my own money (I don’t earn yet), I saved my dad’s money—I mean my pocket money. Don’t tell this to anyone, promise?

We all had some kind of bad experience with money, especially when we don’t get our receivables when we need it the most. …

Either do what others don’t expect or do what others never will.

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If it would be anyone else other than him, I would’ve punched him hard on his face, broken at least two teeth (the yellow ones), and apologize.

When walking down the mall yesterday night, Hamim, my friend, blurts out to me "Why don’t you speak much?”

“Uhh,” I was shocked.

Other than something about “talking,” it is hard for anyone to get my instant response about anything, especially in the mall. Because I’m always half-dead with the perfume scent.

I hesitated about it first. Then, he forced, “Please?” …

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