As a Writer, I Fell in Love With Trello

Here’s why you need to feel the same

Photo by Cenk Batuhan Özaltun on Unsplash

“Honey, what do we have for dinner tonight?”

“I didn’t see you cooking anything today.”

“Holy sh*t, let me check. Oopsie.”

By the way, Honey is my parrot’s name, who can talk.

I check my fridge and I see my head there — empty, as my teacher says. I scurried out through my big wooden door. My stomach is burning. I am starving. The nearest restaurant is 13 minutes away. And my friend John had taken my cycle today.

With my stomach boiling, I run to the restaurant. Finally, I am here, and let out a sigh of relief. It’s 2:27 a.m. now.

I can see the huge food display case with three rows with different types of fast food. It’s almost empty. It’s already late. I can see three burgers at the top left of the first row, two big grilled chickens in the top right of the same row; centre is empty — mutton biryani in the centre of the second row, vegetable pizza at the right of that row; the left side is empty— taco in the left of the last row, a cup of custard in the centre of that row, the right side is empty.

A few things that happen:

  1. Seeing the foods, my appetite tripled. I got more emotional about food.
  2. I can only see the food and not touch it. Whichever I want, I can ask for it and have it. I get to see only the foods and nothing else so I can stay clear and think better of whichever I want.
  3. I can see all the different types of food available. It’s easier for me to choose one.
  4. I can compare with other foods and choose whichever I love most.
  5. Due to less choice and less seriousness about who cares what I have now, or in other words disorganized choices of food due to the way they are placed, I can easily decide what to have because I am free to do so.

This Is Why I Love Trello

  1. I can collect as many ideas as I want and whenever I want it. I get more emotional about writing, i.e., my appetite (inspiration) to write increases.
  2. I just keep the working title or the main idea visible from the home page. I don’t keep the draft I worked on visible. It helps me stay clear and think better and get inspired sooner.
  3. All the ideas are together so it’s easier for me to visualize, organize, and find the pattern.
  4. I can compare all the working titles and try to improve my bad ones. Because I can easily compare.
  5. Disorganised ideas, meaning any amount of cards in any amount of list reduces the seriousness of formality. This helps me visualize even better. Because I don’t need to be formal or serious about anything. I am free.

If I put a working title, I usually have the first letter of every word as a capital. This somehow gets us in the right mindset for writing. It works.

I now write my whole stories in Trello. I am in that much love with Trello. Because I can write freely, with freedom. And being free brings this as well: I have zero tension, and hence I can get more ideas to write about.

Oh yeah, you guessed it right. I have written this whole story on Trello itself.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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