As a Writer, My Goal Is to Be Wrong

You must rethink too

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What is writing?

Writing is organizing of thoughts.

As a writer, if you organize your thoughts and send out something for the world, that’s your success.

As a writer, your goal is to help the readers organize their thoughts with your writing, your thoughts.

We get readers wrong. We think they are unsmart. That they are stupid.

Ironically, this then slows us down. It makes us procrastinate to get everything right for our readers because we assume they are beginners.

We explain unnecessary stuff.

We waste their time talking about every detail.

Top writers realize and assume that readers are always smart. We just need to give a stir to their brain and get them to think. Reading isn’t learning. Thinking is learning.

But for them to think, you have to be wrong. When you are wrong, when you don’t give them every detail, when you put them under the hot sun for the whole day, they’ll think.

They’ll think about how to get out of that.

They’ll disagree with me.

They’ll hate me.

That’s my goal. I just want them to think.

When you assume your readers are smart, you can produce quality contents quickly.

That's my goal as well: I want them to think more.

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