Ashik, thanks so much. This means a lot.

Let’s talk on Hangouts:

The goal is very small: Publish one article per day but be clear and precise. Turns outs, when we are being clear and precise, the word count becomes less (limited time is taken for writing) but the story suddenly tenfolds it’s value.

The motivation is very cool: Either I show up every day or I become unknown to the world.

The process is very simple: Write what you enjoy and which others will employ.

The mindset is very focused: Forget publication. Focus curation: good stories finds it’s own audience. Publication becomes an excuse for procrastination for a beginner writer.

The confidence is very solid: I don’t need to finish my story. The story will form itself when I sit.

The expectation is very less: I only want one curator to read my story. That’s it.

The agenda is very selfish: I enjoy writing because I can organize my thoughts. What have I got to lose anyway?

Talk about your wedding soon.

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