Be So Good Others Keep Ignoring You

Be a garbageman, a dog and Shah Rukh Khan

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When you are the best, you don’t need to be trained. You don’t need to be guided. You don’t need to be mentored.

You just need to be ignored. Because you are capable, yourself. Because you can think, yourself. Because you can make the right decision yourself. Because you know when to say no. Because you know you could be wrong too. Because you know you can always try, and that is a success.

I strive to become good at whatever I do, especially in my job — marketing and writing so that I can be ignored.

At our company, as a marketer, I strived to be so capable so that I don’t need other’s permission. So that people don’t wait for me. So that I can do whatever I want whenever I want. So that I don’t need to join daily scrum or have to mark a task done in my sprint goals. So that others trust me that I will finish what I say.

Be so capable, others keep ignoring you. That’s the goal. That’s true success. Work for it. Run after it. Strive at it.

It Takes One Step at a Time

To be good at something, you need to love whatever that is.

Is your goal to become the most curious reader in the world? Just read one sentence now.

Is your goal to become the best pilot in the world? Start by riding a bicycle with four wheels, now.

Is your goal to become the most sought-after lover in the world? Just send one “I Love You” message to your special one now.

When you take small, actionable steps, two things happen:

  1. You realize whether this is what you love doing or not and whether you can do it forever or not.
  2. You get one step closer to your goal. You are the action-taker and not a stupid-speaker or a humblebragger.

Small steps keep us flowing but zero steps keep us ageing and make us bald.

All You Need Is to Persist

When you spend time in whatever you love, you learn. When you spend more time, you learn more. When you learn, you grow. When you grow, you improve. When you improve, you become capable and when you become capable, you turn invaluable.

Persistence is your neighbour’s WiFi that always keeps you connected with your special one. Why not thank him once?

Be a Garbageman, a Dog and Shah Rukh Khan

Do you know why a garbageman is ignored in the street, on the roads, or your wedding? Not because they stink but because they are so capable, we are afraid to walk past them. They are so good at what they do, nobody tries to teach them anything.

We ignore them because we are afraid of their capabilities in whatever they do.

They stink to dispose off our stink.

We ignore dogs everywhere we go and that’s not because they bark, but because they are too loyal that they bark whenever someone unknown enters the house.

They bark so that we never have to bark after something bad happens with us our family.

And, do you know why Shah Rukh Khan is always ignored by his heroines even though he is the Bollywood’s King of romance and every girl wants to take him home?

You guessed it right — not because he is bald, old or cold, but because he is so capable, he’ll finally convince her, we know that.

Be Driven by a Purpose

A garbageman disposes of our trash. He could do any other job too, but still, he persists and continuous to do this. This means, his purpose is: cleanliness. That’s his peace.

A dog prevents intruder or someone potentially harmful to enter his owner’s house. This means the dog finds his peace in being loyal and keeping his owner safe. That’s his purpose.

Shah Rukh keeps proposing because he is a lover boy and he has to maintain his persona. That’s his purpose.

The purpose is the secret reason why you walk five miles for a road home even though you could take a shortcut of just one mile. Naughty, you are!

Eat This on the Way, Dammit Don’t Digest It

When you are driven by purpose, you can easily take that one step at a time. When you take those steps, just persist and you’ll soon become a garbageman, or maybe a dog or surely Shah Rukh Khan.

That’s the goal. Just strive at it.

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