Be So Good You Become The Platform

The goal is to make platforms a good-to-have, not the only-thing-you-have.

Image Credit: SEUNGWON HONG (Behance)

I learned this: Unless you become a platform, you can die anytime in any form and nobody will care to inform.

Content creation is here to stay forever. Content creation is the ultimate form of creative dumping. Content creators will have the most and be the first trillionaires.

The more normal jobs are laid off, the more creative jobs rise. Future will be fun.

Becoming a platform could mean 3 things:

  1. Dominating a platform of someone else.
  2. Having a one-on-one relationship with your audience aka having your audience’s email address.
  3. Being someone people can’t live without.

Striving to succeed in any of the ways is cool enough. Here’s the thing that sucks though: You are always incomplete without a platform as a content creator.

A platform is a gateway to the world. Your content is the message people need.

When a platform vanishes, the next day you will have a new platform. Platforms come and go.

But the game changes when you become a platform. When you become the platform, you own what you do. When you become a platform and vanish, people will miss you. That’s the goal.

Here’s how you can achieve that.

When followers count make you feel good, buddy, are you okay?

Most people obsess over followers count. Here’s the thing that’s missed: What if the platform you have the mouth-watering followers on vanishes tomorrow or bans you for no reason?

Not only will it vanish with all your contents you can never recover if you haven’t ever backed up, but your followers might not even find you forever.

Becoming the platform can save you.

The Dark Side About Platforms

Platforms don’t work for you, they work for them. They need money. The more traffic they get, the more money they can make. They always need more traffic. They keep changing stuff doesn’t matter it hurts creators so they can earn more money.

Free platforms are the worst. They silently cut all your traffic gradually and pretend you are doing something wrong. You have to pay for advertising your content to get more traffic which isn’t actually more. So they earn. Their goal accomplished.

Platforms keep you at their mercy.

Platforms = human experiment. Everything is an experiment in a platform. You’ll never find any platform completely Done with everything. They keep updating things every second.

They always strive to be the best (at bringing new traffic to their platform) even though they are good enough. Most things depend on algorithms. Algorithms always change when you least expect it.

Translation: When you think you are lucky, algorithms prove you wrong and that’s the game over.

Platforms are the start, however. One platform.

More platforms are cool but I am not all over the places though. Not even on easy-peasy-time-saver-life-easier Twitter being a writer. I am just on Medium.

One platform is a start.

Here’s what I learned: The game is the same everywhere, the people and their psychology are the same everywhere, only their mood is different. And, you can learn to change their mood doesn’t matter the medium/platform.

One platform is how you learn things others never can and most people never will.

Great people start with one place. The secret agenda: You don’t get bogged down by rules before even starting.

They don’t have the agenda from the start, however. They feel it initially and it becomes clear to them in the hindsight.

It’s smart to make one thing work well rather than being in different places you don’t even why they are working.

Pro tip: Imitate one person from a platform like nobody’s watching.

Copy is the secret to success. I don’t say this. Everyone says this nowadays.

The sad part is: Not everyone is willing to be someone else. I get it. It pains. Most people quit for this reason.

The only way you can be someone is to be someone else first.

You copying someone else means you know who you want to be, and how you will look like when you reach there.

I imitate (study) writer Tim Denning as if nobody’s watching. People think I’m crazy: I highlight almost every line of his article. They say you only highlight things that resonate with you but everything he writes resonates with me because I want to write like him. He’s my start. The problem is: people miss that point.

Being on one platform means learning the game while building an audience so you can soon become your independent platform with all the acquaintances.

Here’s the legend level of thinking not everyone is adopting but should:

Impact so you can attract. Attract so you can impact.

The skill is easy to have. The real goal is to learn how to turn that into something that helps people.

The goal of having an audience is to be selfless. Meaning, care less about self. You have to add value to people to attract them. When you attract them, you can add more value to them. Keep adding more value and forever they’ll love you.

Be so good people come for you. Money is the worst motivation there is. Impact people so you can attract them, attract people so you can impact them, not so you can earn money off them.

When the impact is primary, money keeps coming automatically and it for you automatically becomes secondary.

Here’s the game-changer thinking:

You don’t need 10,000 hours or 5 years to master a skill.

You don’t even have to master a skill. You learn as you go. You learn from imperfections. I don’t know everything about writing. I didn’t even take a course. Some things, especially something regarding your passion, are fun to figure out the hard way. It feels more worth it in the end.

Imperfections are how people relate to you. When someone can relate with you, they gradually start loving you.

Here’s how you become the platform.

Skills are a medium. Your voice is what people care for. People care cause it’s rare.

People care more when something is rare more. The good news is: your voice is already rare. Your voice is directly proportional to your values. Your values are formed by the situations you went through throughout your life, the learnings you realized late, the thoughts you have, the mindset you adopt in any situation, the way you handle something, and the things you choose to care about. All you need is to tweak something. I don’t know what it is but you’ll realize that the more you practice.

One hack is to be more vulnerable. Vulnerability = Uniqueness. Uniqueness = Rare more. Rare more = People care more. People care more = You are a platform people can’t live without anymore.

The goal is to make people fall in love with you, not your work. Any work can be outsourced anyway. You can only make people fall in love with you with your story.

When people fall in love with you, they can’t live without you.

Everything you were waiting for…

Be so good at what you do, people can’t live without you. When people can’t live without you, they want to be in touch with you. Give them a way to be in touch from the start. Newsletters are the master.

Newsletter = a letter with news from you in the form of an email.

Email newsletter works because:

  1. There’s more personalization. (Think how it feels for your name to be called out with a greeting you didn’t expect in a busy day which your boss made even worse today)
  2. Value with no rabbit hole. Emails don’t contain unlimited ads, infinite links, uncountable CTAs. One email is usually full of value with a single CTA at the end. Therefore less distraction in a world full of chaos and distractions.
  3. People can easily decide which emails to ignore thanks to short and sharp subject lines.
  4. Emails have more privacy than every other social media combined.
  5. Due to personalization, it feels like a community even though people can’t directly talk with each other. It still feels we are connected, as groups. Give me a community and I am yours forever.

Substack is the shark.

Substack is a tech that supports your newsletter or stack of newsletters. It’s better than any other email marketing platforms like Mailchimp because it’s easier and smoother to send emails, plus it’s free unless you choose to earn. Only when you earn, they earn (10% by Substack and 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee by Stripe, the payment processor).

Substack is still a platform but you can collect email addresses, meaning you are the platform.

The only problem with Substack is there’s no personalization. Personalization isn’t the only important thing, however.

Substack is a place where people pay (with their time or money) for a quick overview of your current worldview because they love you.

Your worldview = What are you currently thinking and what made you think that and how can that help your audience?

I am going to get started with Substack soon. Here’s what I plan to do. You can directly use my strategy or use it as inspiration. It’s fun to stand out, however.

  1. Every newsletter post will be less than 100 words.
  2. The headline will explain my whole worldview on a topic I’m currently thinking about in less than 14 words.
  3. The content will be a little deeper explanation of the headline with a quick personal story that made me think that, in less than 100 words.
  4. Every new post will be a way to figure out better ways to apply aesthetics. I’ll include feature images in every post and learn fun ways to find better images.
  5. Every post will become an idea for a detailed Medium story.
  6. There won’t be any loss or regrets. I’ll make Substack my Twitter which collects email addresses.

Quick, short thoughts that impact people are underrated and nobody seems to hit that market. It’ll be fun to try that out. I’ll include a CTA in every Medium story to get traffic to the Substack. The Substack will be free for everyone.

For you as a content creator, Substack has less distraction so you can be more in the flow state. As an audience/subscriber, Substack is smoother.

Understand the game so well you can write your own rules. When you write your own rules to help people, people fall in love with you.

To understand the game, start with one game.

Understand the game so well, you become the game.

You become a platform when people start loving you rather than what you do.

Attract people so you can impact them otherwise there’s no point anyway.

Becoming a platform means you don’t have to enter someone else’s platform for an audience anymore, or having the confidence to enter any platform you want and not have to worry about finding an audience.

Substack is the master shark. Make your Substack a Twitter with a cool feature: email address collector so you become a platform people can’t live without anymore.

I’m not smart. Life makes me smart sometimes. I share the lessons in less than 100 words for You.

I don’t know when you’ll need me the most so I’ll post whenever I can best. Yes, I collect your email address because I want You.

For subscription: You Newsletter. Always active. Always free. Always for you. Here you go.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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