Byju’s’s Astonishing Success Highlights the Power of Proper Research

It’s all about the target audience

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“Byju’s sure might start World War 3 between students. The quality of learning is that proficient.”

Byju’s’s amazing success sure gives us happiness, as we are going digital, children are learning more easily and with satisfaction, but it also jumpstarts our curiosity.

We’re curious about what Byju’s did to reach and convince their target audience so easily.

We’re curious about their success journey, their failures, and how they coped up with them.

We’re curious about what they have done right and how we can do the same.

For this reason, I did the research, found out everything about them and I’m sharing the findings with you.

Researching About The Target Audience Makes The Difference

Before coming up with a marketing plan, whether it be Google ads, Facebook ads, or even traditional marketing strategy, knowing your target audience better than they know themselves is the key.

We all fall into the trap of convincing just the target audience. And forget about everything else. But, in the education industry, especially when it comes to children, who don’t earn yet, doing all-inclusive research for the decision-makers is the golden key.

Parents are the decision-makers for children, they have the money. If Byju’s can convince them to use the service, let alone do any purchase, then only they will become successful.

They did it right and managed to emerge as a market leader in the education category: BYJU’s engages with students and parents pay for the subscription.

Millennials are driven by the experience of a product. We don’t care about what problem is solved but how the product makes us feel. And this is easier to get when you do some research. Experience forms opinions and perceptions and those are hard to change, so convincing children is the easy part.

But, it’s hard to convince parents. They need information and reviews about the product/service before even allowing their children to use it, forget about purchasing. They want some problems to be solved. And, this is tough work. Byju’s takes away the tension of children doing the convincing part to parents and they do it for them. They achieve this with the help of their consultants.

Byju’s knows the fact that kids are glued to the screens so parents are happy to give anything that helps their children learn constructively. They use this as an advantage.

You feed the details/information in the app and they have the details so the consultant gets in touch for a home visit. The product is actually sold to the parents here.

Commercial and product are targeted towards children, but in-person communication is the final push to the parents. Without this push, parents might not even allow children to use the Byju’s service.

Brand Ambassadors Keeps Them Higher

Disney and Shah Rukh Khan are a brand ambassador at Byju’s.

The power of the brand ambassador is that your chance of getting bankrupt decreases by 141%. Haha, kidding, but not kidding.

  1. Brand ambassadors are your shield. They protect you from defaming news about your company. Because their voice is original and unaffiliated, they can provide a positive experience to your audience and help calm the negative issues.
  2. Brand ambassador gives you their mouth. They already have a robust online reach so they can give your brand a boost on social media and spread positive messages and awareness really easily through word of mouth.
  3. Brand ambassadors lend you their face. Actually not lends, gives it to you with plastic surgery. Thus, helping you grow and innovate so that the face doesn’t get lower.

In short, brand ambassadors help you reach potential customers outside of your potential channels.

Right Campaign For The Right Audience In The Right Channel Is The Right Key

They learned well about each of their age group audience. For example, for teenagers, they made a campaign that highlights the tension between parents and teenage students. This clearly shows the teenagers that Byju’s care about them, and it also makes the parents feel safe as their children will be in good hands.

The ad also shows the closeness between a parent and a child and it also highlights technology in the hands of children, in a safe way. Thus, the trust between parents allowing children to use their service increases.

The most important thing of all is the channel they chose for the ad. They are aware that most families spent time together in front of the television and that will be the best way to create awareness of their service. They went for a traditional marketing strategy, via television ads.

A Few Other Thoughts

Byju was an engineer in the shipping industry, yet he achieved huge success. The reason? Well, I’ve analyzed 5 reasons:

  1. Commitment: providing personalized, simple, engaging, and contextual learning for students.
  2. Constant Evolvement: to stay relevant to their audience.
  3. Vision: personalized, self-paced, and learning ourselves, rather than spoon-fed by others is what students liked the most.
  4. Charge: tutions are expensive in India. So, Byju’s is comparatively cheaper.
  5. Specific: personalized content for just K-12 groups. They do more work for a smaller group.

BYJU’S - The Learning App is a great name. But, not common, feels like a kid named that. Guess 2 reasons for it: could be for some good reason or shows the lack of knowledge and experience. This also shows the power of will, starting from knowing nothing to being a leading ed-tech company. Good job, Byju.

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