Can You Give Me Your Family?

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I’m just 17 and still, I’m losing my family.

I’m so enthusiastic about my future, I stopped caring about who gave me my future.

I’m so blinded by success, I’m killing my real success.

I’m so passionate about my dreams, I stopped sleeping.

I’m so hardworking, my heart is now hard.

I’m so smart, I left my family in the dirt.

I’m so motivated, I turned emotionless.

I’m so obsessed for a successful life, I’m suppressing the ones who gave me my life.

I’m so occupied in my work, I have a list of excuses to not do my family’s work.

I’m so persistent toward my goal, I couldn’t even assist them and get a Pepsodent.

I’m so engrossed toward my mission, I don’t have time with family for food.

I’m so desperate to win, I work in AC when my dad works out in the sun.

I’m so stubborn, I didn’t go out for 79 days and still, I don’t have my family with me.

I’m so loving towards my work, I push my younger sister when she requests me to design a cute, small girl cartoon illustration for her.

I’m so so selfish, I’m waiting to win to share my success with them.

I’m so busy I don’t even waste three seconds I get in online classes, while the teacher coughs.

I’m so romantic with my work, I don’t even know when the night strike.

I’m so insensitive, even covid couldn’t bring me together with family.

I’m so focused on my vision, I lost my eye — my family.

Lucky are those whose family table is always full.

Lucky are those who have a father who beats.

Lucky are those who have a mother who shouts.

Lucky are those who have a sister who teases.

Lucky are those who have a brother that bothers.

These aren’t permanent.

You are lucky.

There’s love in that beating. There’s teaching it that beating. There’s care in that beating. There’s protection in that beating. There’s a shield in that beating.

There’s love in that shouting. There’s care in that shouting. There’s the affection in that shouting. There’s warmth in that shouting.

There’s an attachment in that tease and annoyance. There’s admiration in that. There’s closeness in that.

Too soon you won’t have anyone beating you.

You won’t have anyone shouting you.

You won’t have anyone teasing or annoying you.

All will be playing with you. Your heart. Your time. Your money. Your life.

People are selfish. Everyone is selfish. Family is real. They are special. They are invaluable.

Give time to your parents and family.

Don’t run so much after this world, you won’t even know when your world is already dead.

Don’t get so busy after success, your life gets dizzy.

Don’t get so smart your family gets apart.

Don’t get so passionate you stop being compassionate.

Don’t be so obsessed with success to make your family depressed.

Don’t be so persistent for success, you won’t even know when your family is nonexistent.

They love you.

They might be starving for you while you are already full.

They might be working harder to secure your future.

They might not even visit the doctor just to save the checkup fees for your future.

They might look cool outside but there might be something wrong going on inside.

You never know anything.

Don’t make time for your family. Spend time for your family. You won’t have them soon.

Don’t get annoyed when your old dad asks you to help him share something on Facebook.

Don’t call him old or outdated. He couldn’t enjoy his youth for you. He is modern. He is the youthful person on this planet. He lost everything for you. He sacrificed everything for you.

Now he is alone. You helping him share on Facebook is his happiness. That is his satisfaction.

Don’t get annoyed when your mom requests you help you move that small table.

Don’t call her weak. She brought you up. She is stronger. She is the strongest person in this world. She lost everything for you. She sacrificed everything for you.

Now she is alone. You helping her is her happiness. That is her satisfaction.

Don’t get annoyed when your siblings request you for doing something for them. Don’t push them away.

Don’t call them immature. They might want you to be their teacher because they admire you. Help them. Guide them. Show them your love.

Your parents and family need you. You are their happiness. You are their success. Not you running after success.

Care about them. Love them. Spend time for them, with them. Enjoy time with them. Create memories. They are your real world. Everyone else is selfish.

Never disrespect them. Never disobey them. Never hurt them, ever. You might be the push that keeps their heartbeats running.

You won’t have them soon.

Don’t run so much after your formal name that you lose the ones to call you with your nickname.

You are lucky. You still have time.

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