Do Something Crazy Your Excuse Becomes Your Story

Excuse rocks. Everyone else shocks.

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Do you know how long this post is? And, do you know the title of this post? The subtitle? How are you so smart?

I got banned by one of my favourite and main publications for life in mid-November and I did what you probably wouldn’t even think: I barbecued that day (yeah, you’re right: it wasn’t even winter here at that time.)

I wanted to fail, somehow. That’s my excuse. And I did fail.

I tried to be humorous in my story and turned out offending. That was it. That’s my excuse too.

Those excuses add weight to my story. What’s the story? I wanted to fail and I did fail — I got banned.

Excuses are a crucial part of your story. Have an excuse and go try something crazy. That crazy thing teaches you something rare or precious. That’s your story: how you learned that crazy thing. What adds weight to that story? Those excuses you gave to try that crazy.

Excuses give you the freedom to explore everything and exploration brings fun in writing: you try, you learn, you enjoy.

Excuse rocks. Everything else sucks.

We all are PhD holder at excuses. You aren’t? Okay, a few excuses to get you started:

  1. Wow! I suck at writing and I sucked at it.
  2. I have got nothing to lose.
  3. Yay! I knew I’ll fail (wink).
  4. Let’s see who can do what to me.

Barack Obama too was my target

Last week, in one of President Barack Obama’s post, I responded to him with “President Bar.” His mom calls him Bar, which might be disrespectful if I use it, but I did it anyway. What was my excuse: “Let’s see what happens.”

I made a meme of Barack and Michelle Obama to add along with my response, which could be offending, noting the fact that he’s been a President. But I published it anyway. My excuse? “Let’s see who bans me.”

Screenshot by Author

Ohh, I spelt President wrong? “Let’s see who’s the first one to figure that out.” (wink)

My story? I responded to Barack Obama’s post, called him with his nickname, spelt President wrong and made a meme of him and I didn’t expect any views on that but I received two. I thought I’ll get banned but I didn’t.

Still wondering why I started this post by asking you some stupid questions? Ohh, I just wanted to increase the word count. That’s my excuse. Sorry (naughty smile).

Okay, I also secretly wanted to get you to silently nod yes to three of my questions in a row. Why? It makes persuading you easier. “My readers are amazing” is my excuse.

Please excuse me now.

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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