Don’t Follow the Trend, Be the Trend

There’s pride in being right

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I didn’t talk for straight 11 years.

I sure didn’t talk with my classmates but I did talk with teachers but everyone thought I didn’t. Because it wasn’t loud enough.

My classmates and other students made fun of me. They criticized me. They pitied me.

They said I don’t use one of my asset, which is mouth and I’ll regret it in the future.

They thought I was abnormal.

I had zero true friends.

Either way, what’s fascinating about that is: in the online classes now, everyone is like me — they don’t talk or they speak slow or less. Reasons could be many: family is around, mic issues, etc.

But, who might have thought everyone will become the next Shajedul?

“Yuck! Never!” would be the reply of many.

And, I never got out from home often even before the covid, because I was working.

Now everyone does the same.

This got me thinking.

I realized: there’s pride in being new.

There’s pride in being first.

Similarly, there’s pride in being right.

The majority doesn’t mean it’s an authority.

The majority doesn’t make anything true or right.

If you believe in something, have faith in you and stand for it. Doesn’t matter who is with you. You are with you and that’s what matters.

Success eventually comes to those who stand for right, not who is right.

You just have to have faith in you. You’re already smart. Just stand. I’ll see you there, soon.

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