Don’t Forget the Soul That Shines. Suits Can Be Rented Too.

Upgrading your electronic device doesn’t upgrade you.

Image from ˗ˏˋ𝑨𝑶𝑲𝑼𝑹𝑨 ⛲✧˖°/Dribble

I’m the extra h in honour.

Ohh, that became an honour. I can think of something better. I’m the one manual car in the age of electric, ultra-high-definition, automatic cars.

Because I don’t have a single picture of mine on my phone. It feels like a load on my hands to take pictures.

I opened the Reddit app after 347 days yesterday. I wanted to know what’s the stock hype about. The first picture I saw was of Barack Obama.

Image from Reddit

He isn’t wearing his usual suit but he still looks cool. I wondered about this. I explored some pictures of other cool guys with and without suits, thought for nine hours without any break and realized something profound:

I don’t have a single picture of mine on my phone not because it felt like a load on my hands but because I loaded my mind with viruses of the society. I subconsciously thought I needed a suit, which I don’t have, to take a good picture. But, I forgot my soul that shines through my work.

Suits might shine too, but maybe you’re in debt.

If there are coolness and respect in a Lamborghini, or an iPhone, or suits, people working in those showrooms would be the coolest.

Anybody can buy an iPhone after taking a loan or selling your kidney, but is that coolness? Dude, you lost your kidney.

Coolness or respect isn’t in materialistic things because if it would, we wouldn’t still remember Issac Newton after 294 years when we forget what we ate for lunch one hour back.

Money isn’t cool. How you earn that money might be.

You should show off if you want.

Surely you should show off what you have got because you earned it after hurting your passion and working on a job you hate even during the weekends.

But, there’s a problem when you start thinking those items are what makes you cool.

Apple might release the iPhone 15 after a year. You have to get it to update your coolness version. But, where will you get another kidney?

Coolness doesn’t need to be renewed every year.

People can’t brainwash you if you hate materialistic things.

Materialistic things create extra insecurity. Insecurity leads to stress. Stress leads to suicide. Suicide is game over.

When you understand there’s no coolness in materialistic things, you won’t purchase from the spur of the moment and waste your hard-earned money on things you won’t even use as your carpet tomorrow.

Materialistic things are the bacteria for the decomposed mind.

You can’t ever grow if you feel insecure with someone’s Instagram post from an account of 93 followers.

There’s no coolness in those suits or cars but there’s some kind of coolness in those images. Maybe the camera they used made it cool.

Some people intentionally flaunt their money by showing off whatever private things they have got. But, some just share it because they feel good. They aren’t trying to personally attack you and make you feel insecure about being alive. No.

But, you lose scope of improvement and advancement if you still feel insecure about them.

Just think about it. Someone is reviewing his latest, high-definition vlogging camera. You feel bad about it not because you can’t buy it, but because you are jealous of them. But, maybe, that camera might increase the quality of your video if you too get it?

Or, someone is earning six-figure doing freelance digital marketing. You can either be jealous of him or you can upgrade yourself to get to his level.

Upgrading your electronic device doesn’t upgrade you. Your soul matter more than your suit.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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