Education Sucks So Your Adulthood Doesn’t

All your complains about education system resolved.

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I am 17 for only four more months and it’s something I am not happy about.

18+ title is the worst title you can get.

I know what’s it’s like to be in adulthood: You get more freedom.

The problem is, when there’s more freedom, there’s more responsibilities.

But you can’t change what has to happen.

Here’s what I learned about education so you don’t have to the hard way.

All you need is self learning.

The goal of life is to master self-learning so you can conquer any barrier than comes your way without fear.

There are some problems though:

We take things granted the other way.

Education system sucks so you don’t.

Education system is a perspective. Education system shows you life isn’t as easy as memorization. Education system shows you the other perspective that’s there.

Education in an experiment. Education system is the place where you can be serious and learn serious doesn’t work in life. You can have fun and learn fun doesn’t work in life.

All works is: Real world experience.

We take things granted anyway. Education system gives you a different perspective to think about: self-learning feels better.

It’s free to take risk. Your dad has your back.

If you hate education, it means you’re studying. If you’re studying despite hating it, it means you aren’t the one paying for it. That’s a good news.

The education stage is the stage you can take massive risks without fear.

The biggest risk I have taken is volunteering for a startup having zero skills at 15. I loved their mission: make learning programming fun for people. I had to self-educate myself to add value to the startup and be part of the mission. Getting into the startup made me excited about programming. Then the startup got me into marketing. Marketing got me into writing. Now you are reading my story.

Self learning would otherwise be boring anyways.

Anything for the first time feels boring after some time. That why you have levels.

Level is progress. Progress is something we strive for. Education is level 1. Self-learning is level infinity.

If self-learning would come before education, you would hate self-learning.

Education sucks after some years so you can get fascinated with self-learning. When you’re fascinated with self-learning, what else do you need?

Education sucks so you don’t.

Life isn’t complex or complicated. Life is interesting.

Life is interesting because you have to solve some puzzle every step of the way you didn’t see coming. Solving anything becomes fun when you know how to learn to solve it anytime it comes.

Self-learing is the way.

This is why content creation is booming in the world. All people what to now do is learn. Self-learn. If you understand it sooner, you rock. If later, you still have time.

Exams sucks so you understand school’s exams is easier than life’s exams.

Education system is the free ticket to start self-learning without fear. When you do, nobody can ever kick you.

Volunteering at a startup with zero skills is the best way to get started with self-learning I learned. You have two choices: Leave and run. Or stay and try, then thrive.

I’m not smart. Life makes me smart sometimes. I share the lessons with a personal story in less than 100 words for You.

I don’t know when you’ll need me the most so I’ll post whenever I can best. Yes, I collect your email address because I want You.

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