Ever Tried Out a Jeans? You Are Better Off at Making Your Writing Engaging

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I hate shopping. It simply pisses me off. I get headaches right after stepping into the mall.

But my sister loves shopping. She can spend hours at the mall. She is very selective, however. She doesn’t settle with anything she gets. When my mom chooses something for her, she doesn’t always like it, but when she tries it out, she is almost always in love with that dress.

Being a curious marketer, I figured out why.

The trial room makes her special. It makes her win.

Make Your Readers Win

Let them figure out your next word even before you utter it.

When you enter a trial room, you already always know where the cloth stand is, you already know whether you have a small bench to sit and try out. This makes you feel special and gives a sense of ownability.

In writing, don’t try to be smart and use complex words or bad formatting just to experiment or sound cool. Let your readers read your work the way they always want to. Don’t try to change something to be unique. Make it easy for them. Make it familiar for them.

Surprise them sometimes.

Sometimes when I do try out at the mall, I am thrilled to see a case of flower bouquet which calms my mind, a lot of times I find a bottle of perfumes inside which is there for everyone to use freely, and sometimes I even have the access to the lights switches which helps me see how I will look in dim lights.

Surprise your readers sometimes. Add a twist. End the story in the middle. Start the story in the end. Make your shy character go wild. Turn your chimpanzee to a gorilla.

Get all the focus on the reader.

In the trial room, everything is closed from all the sides and it’s all covered with a mirror. You can see yourself from everywhere, every direction, every focal point. All focus is on you. You are feeling special.

That’s what you need to do to your readers. Focus all your energy, efforts, and writing on the reader. Use the word 'you' more often in your writing. Make them feel special, make them win.

Showcase a problem from all sides.

As there is a mirror on all sides, you can watch yourself from every angle, in the trial room.

Do this for your readers as well. Don’t simply show them a solution, show them two other solutions and let them decide the best one, and tell them three more problems that they can face on their road.

Let them visualize.

The trial room is brighter than the entire mall and that’s not a coincidence. It’s because you are the main focus and the bright lights fall on you to showcase you —because you are special. The brighter lights help you see yourself through the mirrors even better.

In writing, put more vivid and emotive words to add more light to your writing and help your readers visualize better, and make them feel in the scene, aka special.

Final Thoughts

Readers don’t read to just learn. They also read to prove their thinking, get surprised about their feelings often, feel special, determine that everyone can go through the same phase, and they read to imagine and get inspired. When you write with all these factors, you make your readers win and that’s when as a writer you win.

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