For Startup Funding, Use Your Job As Your Bathrobe

Job has a lot of use case

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Over the call, my friend Danny seemed super-happy after the next day of our meet. He wanted to come over our house. I agreed.

⁠— “Hi Danny. Welcome. How are you?”
⁠— “Hello there. I’m doing awesome. (he seemed thrilled.)
⁠Hey, I have got my startup idea. Planning to make learning fun, what I enjoy doing the most. I am very excited but worried too.”

— “Ohh, amazing. What’s wrong?”

— “I’m unsure how to get funding for my startup.”
⁠— “Okay, let’s go swim.”

We Were Done Swimming… ⁠

— “I loved it, Shajedul. The water is very relaxing. I am very refreshed now. Thank you for this.”

— “Cool, wear that bathrobe.”

⁠— “I’m fine in this underwear. Thank s.”

⁠— “So, you aren’t sure how to get funded?”

⁠— “Yeah...” (frowny face, he looks very tense.)

— “You already have your job, right?”

— “That salary isn’t enough for my survival. I can’t run my startup with that money alone. I am wondering how will I handle the job along with my startup as well.” (he is now super-tensed.)

⁠— “Okay, think of your job as your bathrobe. Not everybody uses a bathrobe, but who does, they wear them for different reasons.”

⁠— “Uhh?”

⁠— “Let me explain…

Do you want to keep yourself secure and be on the safe side, while running the business?

Use your bathrobe to cover you after shower or swimming to keep you safe from losing your privacy, meaning, use your job to keep you safe from danger, the danger of losing everything — your job, your reputation, your network, etc.

Do you want to have a second option if your business fails?

Use your bathrobe if you underwear becomes too wet, meaning if your business fails, you have the backup — your old job.

Do you want to keep a funding/bootstrapping source available for you, meaning money flowing in for your business?

Use your bathrobe to keep you warm, meaning keep your business active by bootstrapping with your money.

Do you want to see whether you can handle both the job and the startup together?

Use your bathrobe for that — drying yourself up by using a lot of pressure to rub water off, meaning take a lot of pressure by trying to handle both the job and the startup together to see whether you get burned out.

Do you want to take risks and see how you end up doing and learn while doing that?

Throw the bathrobe. Dress up directly after a shower, meaning, leave your job.

— “Ohh, now I get it. I now have abundant clarity. How are you so awesome, Shajedul?”

— “Your presence makes me awesome.”

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