Great Bosses Don’t Give Advance Salaries

Bad bosses are great. You just don’t know they are.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The toughest day of your life teaches you the lesson you can’t even pay your whole life to get.

You know what’s tougher? Wanting to upgrade yourself and having no control just because you don’t have any money.

I know him for more than a year. He’s our product manager who makes life easier for everyone. I act smart, he is smart. A few years back he was a junior developer working somewhere.

He wanted to get to his next level. There was a challenge. His laptop was old. It lagged like hell. The condition of the laptop was garbage.

He tried to fix the lag somehow. But couldn’t. He tries again. Fails. Then the next day he asks his boss for some advanced salary so he could get a PC.

As it was work-related, he expected his boss to give him the advance and gasped his major problem will be solved.

Boss replied to him: “I have the money. If you want I can give you some month’s advance as well. But I won’t give you. I know you’ll return it after working the next few months but I want you to first earn it. First earn something then save some money for the next few month’s expenses. Then buy the laptop.”

He was hurt by the boss’s words that day and a few months on. He expected his boss to give him some advance because it’s not something of a big deal.

He wasn’t able to forget his words.

The boss was his idol. He tried to take his words and somehow convince himself that he’ll earn the money himself and buy the computer.

He now says those words by his boss made him a lot stronger. Those few lines by him taught him what nothing else ever could.

He says it’s so fascinating to first earn and then spend. The feeling is so incredible.

Now he feels grateful to his former boss. He didn’t give him the quick solution and rather got him to first learn how to earn before spending.

He tells me the boss taught him to be confident in his hard work and earn through it. “The importance of this in life is tremendous at some point. Hard work becomes your back, not external conditions or luck.”

Bad bosses aren’t as bad as they seem. They just challenge you so you outgrow.

Good bosses are fake people. Bad bosses are genuine people.

Shortcuts are easy but not fulfilling.

Bad bosses are great. You just don’t know they are. Because they just don’t show they are. But they’re the ones who take you to the next level.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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