How 10 Minute School Wins the Hearts of Its Customers

Building a genuine community

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Being a digital marketer and a curious observer, 10 Minute School (10MS) struck me (by the way, 10MS is an online educational platform, founded back in 2015, and started as a YouTube channel in Bangladesh). They were experiencing significant success, real quick.

I took notes of my observation and spoke to the founder of 10MS, Ayman Sadiq, to find out more about this.

Here, I list them for you.

Convincing Power Makes You Dashing

They convinced Robi Axiata Ltd, a telecom operator in Bangladesh, to sponsor them, thus helping them gain some free awareness. They survived without any issues.

They showed this video to Robi. What’s interesting is, the quality of their video made the difference. It was the #1 factor that convinced Robi.

While talking with Ayman, he said, “Nothing was unique in our video, it’s the same old textbook concepts that we explained using animation. The first few videos of ours were animated. However, the quality of animation and explanation was to the best of our level. We strive for quality and that made the difference.”

Quality Over Quantity Now Has No Validity

10MS has a huge content library. In the initial stages, they started to produce quality content at a greater quantity — fast. This helped them capture the market share quickly.

Currently, 10MS has over 20,000+ video tutorials, 1,500+ blogs, 1,300+ smartbooks, and 2,000+ student notes. So whatever a student needs, there’s a high chance they will find it at 10MS, which helps them reach all kinds of students. Retaining students becomes easier due to the educational hierarchy system of learning.

Strong Community Will Give You Immunity Towards Anything

In the business world, customers are God. And a group of customers means a group of gods — a group of power, forming a superpower.

10MS created this group smartly. They created Facebook groups of different categories so that their students don’t need to stay in just one group scattered with all types of content. They made it convenient for every group of students.

10MS is working harder to build that strong community | Images provided by Ayman

By the way, Mark Zuckerberg is searching for Ayman. He took all the slots of Facebook groups and other people are annoyed about that.

Instant Support Gave Them Instant Success

Just committing to helping their customers isn’t enough, 10MS outperforms that commitment.

No questions go unanswered anywhere, from FB groups to emails, none. They reply to their students’ queries as soon as possible, always within three hours.

Don’t we have an “Instant Reply Award” already? Ohh, we should make one and I know the only winner will be 10MS.

If Convenience Had Another Name, It Would Be 10MS

10MS is super convenient. For PC users, they have the PC version. For mobile users, they have the app version. And the app UI and UX creates the perfect mood for learning. The scrolling is smoother than butter. The learning experience is just top-class.

You’re Online, but You Shouldn’t Be Limited

During the earlier days, they organized and attended offline events which helped them gain a lot of awareness. They didn’t stick to just one way of promotion.

Never Underestimate the Power of Free Stuff

They offer courses for free. Free stuff helps them reach out to the maximum number of students who are looking for help with studies online, slowly building an audience of loyal fans.

They also mention that their video tutorials for school and college levels will always be available free, so yes, they’ll never die.

In the Long Term, Consistency Will Get You Currency

Once we consume any video, it becomes boring and we want a different video. 10MS doesn’t take this as a challenge, rather an opportunity to grow and expand. They consistently upload videos on YouTube. Thus, maintaining their brand presence and slowly winning the hearts of their customers.

If You Fear Experimenting, You’ll Lose a Chance for Advancement

10MS is always ready for an experiment.

One of their successful experimental campaigns was the Shikhi and Shikhai campaign, where students had to share their notes in the student community (10 Minute School Live Group on Facebook) which earned 10MS the Digital Marketing Award in the UGC category.

10MS won the Digital Marketing Award | Image provided by Ayman

Also, 10MS hosts olympiads where thousands of students can participate from all over Bangladesh using their smartphones.

Now they’re experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR) in the app, where when a student puts their camera on any image, they’ll get the 3D model of that image to get a better understanding of it (like a skeleton image).

To take it to the extreme, when you click on that 3D model, through your mobile, right on your paper, the video will open from their database and you can watch it directly. How smart and fun it is?!

Here’s a video showing just that:

10MS’s Augmented Reality

One Final Thought

It’s all about being customer-driven rather than business-driven.

When you offer value to your customers, they’ll value your business and take it to great heights.

The end goal is to keep adding value and when you do that right, the money comes in.

10MS is striving hard to rock the Bangladesh education system and gradually earn enough to expand internationally. They are almost there.

It’s all about customers.

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