How to Add Humor in Your Story Out of Steam Shower

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What’s fascinating about humor is: it’s universal. Even a kid can understand humor. And they do it pretty well, better than 18+ kids.

This means, creating humor is a piece of noodle for you. You just have to be a kid, with broken teeth. And a lot of crushes.

All it boils down to is to realize that your audience is smarter than you are and just give a slight wink. Not everything you have.

When you realize that, you don’t try to share, you convey. And that’s exactly what humor is: it’s self-understandable, it’s comprehended, it’s simple.

And yeah, humor sure isn’t subjective. Wanna know why? Dammit, just keep reading.

There Are Concepts That Are Funny

Relationships are funny. Romance is funny. Girlfriend, boyfriend is funny (best friend might not be.)

— “Hey Mike, you know, my girl, yeah whom you met last year and pleased how lucky I am, ran away with my friend’s dad, with my old bicycle.”

Bathing, shower, toilet, bathroom, naked, body, fat, hot water, fart, poop, butt are funny.

— “My friend pooped yesterday, after straight three years. In my bed.”

Driving is funny. Dancing is funny. Boring is funny. Watchman is funny. Kicking is funny. Wondering is funny. Free is funny.

“Our watchman was bored. He wondered what an honour it is to drive a car — he could do the kiki challenge for free.”

Cough is funny. A virus is funny. Dose is funny. An injection is funny. Doctors are always funny.

— “My younger brother is so studious, he even notes down teacher’s cough.”

Grandma is funny. Grandpa is funny. Grandgirlfriend is funny.

— “My grandga is really hot, my grandpa says.”

Cow. Goat. Donkey. Gorilla. Monkey. Are funny.

— “A donkey can propose better than you, idiot.”

Vanilla is funny. Tarantula is funny. Flavored is funny.

— “Can you get one vanilla-flavoured perfume for me? Which is long?”

They are funny because they either have a sense of fear or pain or surprise — which, on a broader level is an embarrassment. Sure, there are more emotions too, but these are the primary ones and if you know them, you don’t need to know anything else.

(By the way, don’t abuse me now. You don’t need to memorize all these ideas/words/concepts, whatever you call. You can just take one concept and keep using this in all your stories (ideas are never out, dude.) Like I always have relationship humor. A relationship humor becomes easy for me because I was never at any. This is the only topic I never want to explore. When you are the observer, you have the super-power.)

Fear is embarrassing. Pain is embarrassing. Embarrassment is humor.

Print this out in stock and eat it every day at breakfast: You fear something only when that will embarrass you and you get pain when you are embarrassed (the embarrassment could be guilt or it could be an embarrassment from the public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share that embarrassment with someone you trust.)

For example: “Hey Mike, you know, my girl, yeah whom you met last year and pleased how lucky I am, ran away with my friend’s dad, with my bicycle.”

The fear is: you already lost her…you are hopeless now.

The pain is: you lost her.

The surprise is: she ran away with your friend’s dad…with your old bicycle.

Notice how the surprise comes at the end, in every example. And it comes with a delay or a pause, which is done using a comma or question mark or a full stop. This increases the power of your ending, your surprise. That’s your takeaway.

Get to the Specifics

Surprise with the specifics. Romance or Vanilla or Cough or You or Boyfriend or Chair or Anything are just concrete words. They do nothing other than makes you visualize them in front of your eyes.

That’s the key. If you can visualize something, you can make humor out of it. Just get to the specifics, the tiniest detail possible and make a twist to surprise us.

A quick hack is to think about the shape, structure and characteristics of that concrete word or item. Or to twist on the possible adjective by including funny words. Remember the old bicycle your girl used to run away with your friend’s father? Good memory, you have got. Keep stealing almonds at night and keep eating.

Let’s try an example. If you think about the word romance, you’ll imagine happy couples enjoying, hugging, dancing. Romance is usually done by humans. With another human. Did you ever see any boy romancing with a monkey? That’s a surprise. Go to a little more extreme: did you see a boy ever romance with a chicken? the chicken that your mother killed? with her favourite knife in her favourite kitchen?

Taking another example, the word cough gives a sound of someone clearing their airways. The sound is the key. What if your friend gives out car horn sound while coughing? What if he gives out a cow sound? A black cow with broken teeth who didn’t shower since nine days?

Got it? Fine.

Also, carve this on your back. No, I won’t try to watch it: “The specifics are the home to the humor.” or this: “Poop is specifics and that’s why it’s funny.”

Humor Is Universal

It helps us get an idea of how something could be even without knowing every detail.

Humor helps anyone understand any complex idea, easily.

It helps us connect.

Humor is self-analysed. It’s self-understandable.

It seduces.

It is hot. I mean cool.

It makes us laugh.

It makes the audience smart. Because they already are.

Paste This in the Wall in Front of Your Toilet Seat

There are words and ideas that are funny because they have a sense of fear or pain and embarrassment.

If you get to the very specifics of that word or idea, you reproduce a baby which is humor.

Humor is born from something that has pain, fear and embarrassment. But in the end, you always laugh and enjoy. I hope you don’t get me wrong.

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