How to Drastically Better Yourself in 3 Months?

Our founder at Programming Hero who inspired me with these hacks he too uses | Image by Author

Read more books.

By reading books, you’ll see a huge change in yourself, your mentality, your perspective, your viewpoint, your attitude, your way to see things.

Now you might say: “It’s tough to build the habit to read and continue reading every day,” but I am packed with some hacks for that too.

I’ll give you the hacks later, but I’ll say you something more important: to build a habit, we only need enough discipline for a minimum of 21 days and maximum 66 days, after which habit jumps in. It might seem hard or boring to read, but once it becomes a habit, we tend to do it without anyone saying or forcing us!

And that’s great news.

5 Hacks I Learned From Our Founder

1. Start With Comics

Try comics at first but don’t become addicted to that. Read comics only to gain interest in reading and improve comprehension skills — nothing more than that.

Start reading comics every day and when you think you became a little good, try short stories and then move on to books that will make your life better.

2. Don’t Allocate a Time or Make a Routine to Read

Because, that way, you’ll never read. Instead, read whenever you can — may it be on the hypermarket while your wife is shopping and you want to pass your time, or in a restaurant where the food is taking longer to be served, or waiting for the doctor or even in a traffic jam.

It’s within you to find the opportunity and grab it, doesn’t matter how small that is.

3. Read the Book Summary First

Hurt your fingers a little and just find the summary of the book that you’ll buy and read that or watch the book review on YouTube so that if you don’t like the summary, you can change your decision to buy that book and go for another.

If you like the summary, you’ll gain a little knowledge about the book and it will create extra interest to read that book, hence it’ll be easy for you while reading the actual book.

4. Read Books of the Same Genre That You Read Last

Reading books of the same genre that you read last makes the next book easy to be read.

5. Challenge Yourself in Your Mind

Finally, every time you lose interest in reading, challenge yourself in your mind — think…if you can finish this book and retain the information properly, you can impress your friends or even make them jealous — which will make you seem more confident, and thus happier! (wink)

Take This Away

You just need to be disciplined for a maximum of 66 days after which habit jumps in.

To get into that habit:

  1. Start with comics.
  2. Read whenever and wherever you can.
  3. Read the book summary first.
  4. Read books of the same genre that you read last.
  5. Give yourself a fun challenge.

Try all the above hacks one by one and see a real change in your life!

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