How to Use Zero Book Marketing Budget and Make Loyal Fans

Three categories of best-selling authors who have done it (interview)

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“Minimum 40% of your book-related effort should be marketing!”

Writing a book is easy. Marketin' your book is the real boss shit. This is what I understood after learning nine amazing hacks from a best-selling author of five books.

When I started writing my book, I got more curious about book marketing.

I reached out to a few best-selling authors of more than one book and asked them a few questions.

Here’s what I have learned and analyzed.

1. Critical Thinker (Mahfuz Siddique Himalay)

Q: Can you please share a few (unique) book marketing tips that you know or have applied in your book/book launch?

“I apply zero marketing. The only stuff I do is content marketing.

Back in 2013, I organized an unlimited tea drinking party at BUET cafeteria on the eve of my 3rd book 'Bikkhon Pranto' launching, where anyone can have tea, whatever cup he wishes to, no matter he/she is my known or unknown.

Well-wishers attended. It was nice having so diversified minded persons.

It was nowhere marketing, but I could create a memory.”

Q: Interesting. Loved that. Can you tell me a little more about your content marketing strategy?

“Very simple. I offer five types of content as a value proposition:
1. Personality critique of celebrities, authors-artists and other backgrounds
2. Critical analysis of social behaviour
3. Surveying on various issues
4. Live discussion on a particular topic with a specific person
5. Publishing interview of marginalized people”


Content marketing is, surely the best marketing. You just need to showcase your credibility and keep looking at how you can add value to your readers before they buy your book.

Neil Pasricha’s mom gave him a pat on the back when he said: “Find your fans first.”

Key takeaway: add value before you charge any value.

2. Programmer (Jhankar Mahbub)

Q: Can you please share a few (unique) book marketing tips that you know or have applied in your book/book launch?

“Make your book title significantly different than everyone else. Offend everyone, if needed. To be on the safe side, back it up by giving yourself a title according to your book title. Like, for my book 'Habluder Jonne Programming (Programming For Idiots),’ I call myself as 'Hablu The Great (Idiot The Great)’ And, in the delivery of your book, showcase your uniqueness to get people talking and sharing.”


Be different, at least in your book title. And, if you hate your old name, just write a book and give yourself a title to be called by. How smart!

Key takeaway: offend people but defend it by including yourself in the list.

Extra thought: giving yourself titles according to your book title not only puts you in the safer side, but it also puts you inside the list, hence you turn out relatable and friendly to your target audience, but you stand out in that list.

3. Entrepreneur (Ayman Sadiq)

Q: Can you please share a few (unique) book marketing tips that you know or have applied in your book/book launch?

  1. “Put your face in the book cover for easy recognition
  2. Create a lot of content in the book fair
  3. Target Facebook book-related groups”

Q: Could you please elaborate on “Create a lot of content in the book fair?”

“Take a lot of pictures and videos with the book”


Work on personal branding. When you have a brand, you have a demand.

Key takeaway: give free selfies to then get a lot of beauties.

Grab This Away, Dammit Don’t Eat It

Writing a book sure might cost you more than your special one’s expenses. But, marketing a book will never. If you need a budget to market your book, either you are lazy or your book isn’t good enough.

Marketing a book with zero budget is possible. But one thing should always remain a constant: your book should truly add value.

Three lessons you can grab from this post:

  1. Produce a lot of contents. Give it away for free at first.
  2. Offend people in the book title. Offend your dad by giving yourself a new title to be called by.
  3. Build a brand. Freely offer your selfies. Reach thousands and millions like crazy.

All it boils down to is to offer value, be different, make a following beforehand.

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