I Now Publish More Frequently Than Tim Denning

I am the new cool—sorry Tim — thanks Medium

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Recent Medium change has been dreading. I hate the new design and format so much so that I wanted to break the scale of 1–5, one (1) denoting very dissatisfied to put extremelisticallogically dissatisfied in their survey they held for the feedback. I even took the survey 12 times, after every two hours (so that they don’t think it is network issue) with my same name and email address to denote the level of dissatisfied I am. I cried three whole days — straight.

I mostly use Medium (for writing and reading) on mobile. I get to trick Medium here — I still use the old format (the Medium Classic)— I am in that love with it.

But I love a few things about the change and it has changed the way I now write and publish.

I Don’t Care About Publication Because Medium Doesn’t

I’m fed up with publication here, like Medium. Earlier, publications used to get the most traction, following and exposure on Medium. However, now, Medium is moving towards a relational relation rather than a transactional relation model. One of my favourite writer from the Never Ever Agree With These Guys list, Thomas Smith says: on the new Medium, we are the publication. I had to agree with him this time.

Being a curious marketer, as always, I started experimenting. I wanted to figure out whether curation is dead. On the quest for that experiment, I am not sure how I have already written 20 stories of over three minute read and published 14 stories in the last 14 days. The constant was obvious: I stopped focusing on publication (Earlier I used to wait for publication’s mercy and I dreaded self-publishing but now I can buy my own Mercedes.)

Out of those 14 stories, four of them are already chosen for further distribution and three of them attracted top publications like The Startup (and Curious — they are sister concerns) and The Innovation to spend at least three seconds of their time carving a personalized message to include my story in their publication while their significant other is eagerly waiting for them to come to bed.

Curation Isn’t Dead

I have noticed a huge surge in the rate of curation in my article by self-publishing rather than waiting for publication. And it’s quick. I have analyzed this: Stories with the tag Writing gets curated within a few hours, precisely 120 minutes of publishing it. Stories in Self take around 72 hours. Stories about Entrepreneurship or Startup takes around 23 hours.

What’s fascinating about that is: the stories that were chosen for distribution were what I thought will do the worst.

Publication Is Now Officially an Excuse for Beginner (Lazy) Writers

If curation isn’t dead and still we focus on Publication, we are just being lazy. The publication is run by human and human takes extra time. Publication becomes an excuse for being lazy and wasting time. Most of the publication isn’t quick. Some of them are even confused about whether to reject an article or keep it even after 17 days.

Submitting on publication means we put our level best in what we create (usually by spending more time than is necessary) and we become confident that we will get it published and make it big with just that single post. When we get rejected, we are shattered. We never know why we got rejected.

Focusing on publication means I either have to deal with a how-to or have a good, real story or be very direct and specific and yet get rejected because they reach their publish volume but I never know.

Self Publishing Means I Can Inspire

Self-publishing means I can publish myself and inspire (and not only guide) others whenever I want (usually every single day now, even on weekends, unlike Tim — because he mostly waits for publication.) The Medium curators and algorithms will help my article reach the right audience. I have faith in them.

After all, it’s better to wait three days for an article to get curated when you self-publish rather than waiting seven days for the same story and still get rejected from a publication. At least curation means my story has got value — and I know it right away rather than feeling crap about me when I get rejected from a publication.

When Designing the Feed Is the Motivation, You Are Uncontrollable

Now as I am the publication, I am obsessed with showcasing myself well. I want my feed to look cool. So I write often to make it visually appealing to me and others, with images. I choose images very carefully which then influences the way and pace of what I write. The image also attracts more people in. It makes you feel good and special about your work and you want to keep doing it.

This New Medium Change Was a Shift of Mind

Everything changed for me. I became a prolific writer. I never even earned $100 being on this platform for over four months now but I don’t feel it pain: something is now motivating me to keep pushing, daily, frequently, especially when my articles are getting curated even after writing the way I want to, without any pressure like Publication Style/Submission Guide.

My Goal Became Smaller:

Publish one article per day but be clear and precise. Turns outs, when you are being clear and precise, the word count becomes less (limited time is taken for writing) but the story suddenly tenfolds it’s value. Also, it gets curated.

My Motivation Became Very Cool:

Either I show up every day or I become unknown to the world, especially to the curators.

My Process Became Very Simple:

Write about what I enjoy and which others will employ.

My Mindset Became Very Focused:

Forget publication. Focus curation: good stories finds it’s own audience. Publication becomes an excuse for procrastination for a beginner writer.

My Confidence Became Very Solid:

I don’t need to finish my story. The story will form itself when I sit because I already tasted success.

My Expectation Became Very Less:

I only want one curator to read my story. That’s it.

My Agenda Became Very Selfish:

I enjoy writing because I can organize my thoughts and design my feed. What have I got to lose anyway?

Take This Away

The new update by Medium helped me build a swimming pool of tears because I cried, a lot, but it also gave me a swimming ring as I don’t know swimming.

If a beginner can’t take advantage of this new update now, it could be late.

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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