I Wrote a Tweet to My 2021-self Pretending I’m in 2030

Sometimes experiments make your life.

Shajedul Karim


Photo by Angelina on Unsplash

I commit to fail one extra every year.

That makes me courageous to try anything new. This year, I tried something new as well.

People write an email to future-self and I always want to stand out so I wrote a tweet to my current-self pretending I am in future.

I didn’t expect this to have any impact in my life but the experience I had after sending out the tweet has been lit and I realized, that’s all I was waiting for.

Try something crazy and you’ll find something you don’t realize you were waiting for.

Keep experimenting whatever seems fun to you right away and sometimes you’ll find something that will change your life in ways you don’t think.

It happens overnight but it takes decades in the making.

I only have 3 followers on Twitter (I still don’t know how I got them) but Twitter felt like a good platform to post about a suddenly crazy idea I just thought: How about my future-self messaging my past-self? I posted a tweet right away.

Do something you feel like doing right away otherwise you start feeling it stupid to work on and you’ll realize that’s all you needed.

You just need to trust yourself.

After tweeting this, I got a new sense of confidence: my trust in me tripled.

If you trust yourself, you can even win Everest because people don’t win Everest, they win their fear and their trust in themselves increases.

We love to imagine about our future because it gives us a hope of what we can achieve if we try harder.

But the opposite is true as well. When you reflect your past standing in the future, you trust yourselves even more because you realize you have whatever it takes in you, because you feel…



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