Impact Millions by Being Nothing Who Tries to Be Something

Don’t be the hero, be a villain who saves

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My dentist only gets once chance to see my face.

I change my dentists more often than Hollywood actors change their girlfriends.

After every session, I have to change the dentists because they make me feel sh*t about myself for the whole month just because I honestly told them I missed brushing once because I was extremely tired after fighting with the bumpy road for three hours while returning home from a wedding I didn’t even wish to go.

But last time I went to a new dentist, I fell in love with him.

He was caring in the entire session. His voice felt honey. He felt sweeter. He made me feel like the owner of the clinic he owns. I was almost going to ask where he lives in India so that I could fly back to him every time I needed to get checked up.

“Daddy!” a cute kid shouts from the door.

“I’m coming baby!”

It was his daughter.

So I didn’t ask for it.

But I was reckless. I couldn’t control and asked him out: “How are you so sweet, Nabil?”

*Smiles* “I am a patient first, a Doctor second.”

I loved that answer but as a writer, I understood a core concept that makes people fall in love with us.

Be nothing who tries to be something

Nobody can change our minds expect someone we trust. The only two ways to be trustworthy is to either be an expert or be a friend who understands.

And we trust our friends more than some kind of experts with a degree who we are not even sure whether practices what they preach.

  • Don’t be something, be nothing who tries to be something.
  • Don’t be the hero, be a villain who saves.
  • Don’t be the writer, be a reader who writes.
  • Don’t be the doctor, be a patient who treats.
  • Don’t be the smartest, be the dumbest who still tries.
  • Don’t be the teacher, be a learner who teaches.
  • Don’t be the smartest, be the dumb who understands.
  • Don’t be the coolest, be the crap who is getting there.
  • Don’t be the best, be the worst who improves.
  • Don’t be the winner, be the loser who tries.

Your audience is smart, anyway

My readers are so smarter than me, my teeth will break if you ask me to talk with them face-to-face for two minutes. My readers might know this. My job is to just remind them of this. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.

If my readers wouldn’t be smart, they wouldn’t come to read my work. If you spend all your time trying to show how smart you are, people will push away from you. Readers come to you to feel smarter about themselves, not feel even dumber.

Unless you make them feel smart, you can’t get them to act and if they don’t act, they don’t transform in the way you promised. Don’t trust me? Okay, it’s normal. I don’t either. Nobody wins Everest, they win their fear. You can be the one to help them conquer that fear and they’ll automatically win Everest.

You can use some phrases to amplify this impact

Your writing should be good but some phrases make it great.

In my Medium stories, I use phrases like: “Got it? So smart, you are.”

Nobody usually does that. Anybody can claim or even back that claim but not everyone can make the claim look as if it’s by the readers. When you can get that right, as a writer, you win because you make your readers win.

I use another phrase: “Don’t believe me? It’s normal.” then I back up my claim or share an example. Sometimes all we need is to make them realize they are right because they are.

I don’t write, I just remind people how smart they are.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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