Leonardo DiCaprio’s Unfascinating Approach to Films Make Him Fascinating in Life

His choice of films has profound life wisdom he doesn’t know he showcases.

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I never watched a movie of this dude.

But this dude is awesome. He’s real. He’s badass. He’s a legend. It’s visible in the way he talks. You know it.

The way he chooses films has profound life wisdom. He doesn’t even know.

I don’t watch Netflix but I binged-watched-and-read all his interviews I could find on the internet (you won’t find many though, even after infinite search and scroll) to learn about him.

What’s harder is getting a clear idea of why he does what he does. You need to watch innumerable videos on him to understand that. It won’t take you longer, however.

He chooses arts that represent something — either something wrong in the society or culture, showcases the different cultures and personalities throughout history, highlights the humane side and connection. He doesn’t care how the film will do at the box-office. He wants to give us a feeling. He cares about films “where you embrace something very unique.”

“There’s nothing I’ve done for the specific reason of getting an award. Every single time you just go in there trying to bat a thousand, trying to give it your all.”

What’s on the other side you don’t know?

The movies he agrees to work on will challenge him. He doesn’t know what’s coming. But he’s sure about one thing: He knows he’ll learn something new in the process.

Every latest movie he performs is different from his last movies. The genres are almost always completely diverse. You won’t know it’s Leo.

He went for formal acting lessons only after winning an Oscar and having countless hit films in his pocket. That’s funny but rare. He says “everyone can always brush up on their technique” and that’s the best way I know to feel fulfilled in life.

He stars in films mostly having to do with death or near-death experience. He loves real-life survival stories and chooses them the most. He’s a thrill-seeker and constantly learning ways of seeing the world in a different way than he does.

Get to the core until you die.

You know what’s hard? Almost dying on your birthday.

Leo jumped off a plane for tandem skydiving. His friends were popping off up with their parachute but they were freefalling. The parachute was knotted. The expert had to cut it free. Leo didn’t know about the second chute. He thought he was “plummeting towards death” and had 8×10 glossies of his whole life flashing before his eyes.

Then the worst-case scenario happened: The second chute was knotted too.

The expert untangles it after about 20-30 seconds and screams something in Leo’s ear which you might not unless you hate someone. A lot: “Oh, you’re probably gonna break your legs now because we’re going too fast.”

In the end, thankfully they got down with a few bruises. Not broken legs.

Then, on his flight to Russia for a Tiger summit by Putin, he’s sitting in business class. One entire engine explodes into a flaming fireball. The plane is gliding, there is no sound. Nobody says anything. He felt like he already died and is in heaven because he’s the only person to see it and everyone wasn’t speaking a word.

He later gave autographs to all the crew members after they did an emergency landing at JFK International Airport and everyone was safe.

Then there’s the Tuna incident. Tuna was going to kill him. Tuna is thrown in the water to attract sharks. You’re in a cage to see the sharks. One of the Tuna sticks in the cage Leo was in. The Great White jumped to eat it and half of its body got inside the cage. Leo falls to the bottom.

The shark was snapping an arm’s length away from his head. It then flipped itself out of the cage and swam on after five or six snaps. “This never happened in the 30 years they’d been doing it.”

Leo survived. God is cool.

Image Source (Picture has nothing to do with Leo)

Then once Leo was in the water with his friend, Edward Norton. They love nature and the environment. Leo had a digital device and was checking different clubs and which Israeli model turned 18 four hours ago.

A flash of around a hundred eagle rays passes by them. Leo becomes a father when he sees animals. He chases them to take pictures.

Edwards knew Leo will run out of air after the chase. After some time he turns around and Leo isn’t there yet. He reflexively checks his watch. They’re at the end of the water. He’s diving since 16 and knows it. Leo was going deep. He thought to follow him.

He went searching him, deep. He saw something approaching him from far. It was Leo. Leo constantly strikes his hands towards his neck, hinting something’s wrong.

Leo was half-unconscious. Edward wanted to go closer to him and then step away and not give him the face mask. But he didn’t. Edward saves Leo by giving him his oxygen mask and buddy breathing.

His friends named him Unlucky Leo. Jimmy Fallon says he’d never name him this. But Leo is daring and adventurous. He gets to the core by experiencing something he wants to know from the core, risking his life.

The cool part about that is, you don’t have regrets later on.

His childhood wasn’t easy as it is now. He was poor and powerless with no big dreams. Luckily he was close to Hollywood but his neighbourhood wasn’t suitable for a child. You can imagine how having drug-addicts in your alleyway and a prostitution ring in the corner of the neighbouring feels. He also got robbed at age 5.

He got bullied at school because he was white. The only one.

This got him dreams. He wanted to be out of this messy environment. He told his mom to take him to auditions, he wants to be an actor.

Present problems bring solutions in the future. Whatever happens to you is for good.

If something opens your eyes, that’s invaluable.

He chooses films that opens his eyes. Then he opens people’s eyes with his amazing act and art under a masterful director.

He does whatever he does to open his eyes. Then help open everyone else’s eyes.

His movies are based on how someone survives and reignites after every hardest pain there is. Most of the struggles are based on true stories. He loves to showcase real-life struggles, commitment, and the power of action and grit. He wants to give us hope with other’s stories. What fascinates him once the film is done is when he imagines how people lived and survived like this, in real.

Leo gives meaning to people’s struggle which we otherwise might count as insignificant.

He opens your eyes with his art by showing something profound that happened in reality and you don’t know. Opening eyes simply means giving people a different perspective to think about and that collectively improves humankind.

He shows us what’s worse that can happen to us and how we can survive it without anxiety. He gives you hope with his movies. “The human resilience and its ability to adapt is incredibly profound,” he says and wants you to know.

He wants to figure out the meaning of life by experiencing what others have to say and did earlier in history, how they took the decision and on what conditions.

Something that opens your eyes is everything you should look for. And that needs to be endorsed. Fiction is just fun. The real value is in the real-life struggle.

Here’s why he does this.

He does this to get out of normality. Fame is boring. Paparazzi runs after you, half your life is spent signing a tissue paper for your fans or someone who hates you but can earn a few thousand dollars selling it on eBay but you don’t know who they are so you sign it anyway, standing for selfie and photographs from different angles even when nature is calling you.

Not everyone can survive fame. He says “I think I survive because I don’t limit myself. If there’s some experience I want to have or a place I want to go, I do it. I think that’s how I bring some semblance of normality to my life.”

Normal life is boring. Fame makes it even boring-er. Fame isn’t as much fun as you think. Freedom to explore what you want to is fun and the ultimate fame.

Honesty makes you a cool storyteller.

Watch him and you’re drawn to what he has to say or do. Honesty and reality are attractive. That’s his secret you now know.

Humanity is in the struggle. Struggle makes you fall in love.

Leo was great at only Biology in high school but he got crazy for nature and the environment, especially after doing all these roles of different people throughout history.

He says the environmental downfall is scary:

“It’s scary. I went to Greenland and there are rivers flowing like it’s the middle of the Grand Canyon. The question is, what do we do to mitigate that? Are we going to come together as a world community? Are we going to evolve as a species and actually combat this issue? The human race has never done anything like that in the history of civilization.”

Struggling (in real or performing someone else’s struggle) helps you get out of yourself. You start caring for people, human, and nature and finally become humane and feel connected.

He has a foundation of his own, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supporting organizations and initiatives dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our planet Earth. He’s afraid to damage the planet Earth and making it harder for our future generations to live. He wants each inhabitant on this planet to survive and thrive. He even got vegan to show how committed he is.

I love this. He’ll never change the way he approaches films and life:

“You know, the truth is that my attitude about the films I want to make has never changed. I made the same choices when I was 15 that I make now.”

What’s on the other side you don’t know? Strive to find that rather than moving forward in the safe path all the time.

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