Marketing Runs Entirely on Feelings

“Great feelings are the only thing that keeps people coming back”

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Recently, a developer on my team told me something that changed my perspective on marketing forever:

“Great feelings come from great emotions. And great emotions arise from great designs. Now, great design comes from great UI and great content. And, ultimately, the great feeling is the only reason why people keep coming back.”

Great companies give us great feelings. That’s the only reason we are so connected to them. It’s why we don’t want to move to Windows after using Macintosh, why we love McDonald’s even if we know it’s bad for us.

I did some more research about this. This is what I found out.

1. It’s About Feeling, Not Selling

In order to give your customers the greatest feeling, you need to work according to your mission.

In our case, we understood that we can’t go longer by simply trying to sell. Rather we are on a mission to provide the best experience and the greatest feeling of satisfaction possible.

According to us, learning should be fun and interactive.

So, we made our app UI in a way that makes people excited to learn, which makes people curious to explore the other side, and makes people forget their grandma’s bedtime stories and remember our compelling way of teaching.

2. It’s About Satisfaction, Not Perfection

You don’t need to hire the best designer to get the best UI. You don’t need to make your content world-class, top-notch, or perfectly-fit.

Rather, you need to simply meet the expectations of your customers in the way you promised when you jumped on your mission in the first place. And, you need your content to be less fluff and more value-added. If you do that right, you’ll already be kicking your competitors out of your market.

3. It’s About Usefulness, Not Attractiveness

Your product should tackle a problem and provide a solution and not be crowded up with some attractive, but unusable, or worse yet, unnecessary features.

For example, in our case, we tackle the problem that programming is boring. We also understood that the attention span of our audience, which is teens, is really short. So, our solution is that we make our app fun and enjoyable with the use of informal, personable, and humorous ways of teaching and the addition of real-world examples to make it easier to understand.

4. It’s About Marriage, Not Dating

If you commit to helping your customers become better, do better, and be better, you need to be committed to that for life (or as long as you promised).

You can’t date one person today, take everything from them, and leave them alone. You need to be by their side for a lifetime.

Same for all your customers.

5. It’s About Connection, Not a Transaction

A successful business doesn’t just beg for that one transaction from one customer and forget them right after that. They make their customers their loyal fans who are always ready to buy everything they have to offer.

Loyalty to any company is built by a foundation: a great connection. And we can develop a great connection by building mutual trust.

We gain mutual trust by offering value with everything we do, from social media campaigns, to introducing a new feature⁠ — basically anything that has to do with serving customers.


Nike gives us a great experience.
Coca-Cola gives us great refreshment in the mind, body, and spirit.
Great companies give us great feelings.

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