Mentor One Person in Life to Understand You’re Made for More

“If you try to be everything, you’ll be nothing.”

Photo by Den Trushtin on Unsplash

I always wanted to be the one-man army for our brand because it sounds cool to brag-off, you get it.

I used to keep doing whatever tasks I got and stole whatever I can’t do because it is out of my department just to have more tasks on hand and I enjoyed doing it as well.

The more tasks I had, the more I felt alive.

Probably, I wanted to be the Wonder Woman in real life.

Or, maybe I wanted to distract myself with tasks so I don’t have to face the harsh real world.

I kept taking all the tasks I could get my hands on until one day, a team member gushed cold water in my dry thinking— oaaaauuuuch!

“If you try to be everything, you’ll be nothing. Try to be the hero and you can’t enjoy the rain outside. Be the crew and everything you wish depends on you.”

That felt true. I cried. For five days.

I couldn’t bear my tasks going to someone else. The tasks I fantasize about daily. Tasks that gives me the desire to sleep three hours late and wake up two hours early leaving my comfy bed that I don’t allow anybody else to even sit down.

But with a lot of tension and continuous thoughts even in sleep, after five days, I gave away one of my tasks to our designer. That was probably the only moment in my life when one felt like having a lot of value.

I couldn’t still believe it. It hurt.

I started hating the designer more than my clock who runs faster when I’m watching a youtube video while noting down some points I won’t recheck later on.

I had bad dreams that day.

But there was good news for me: in the quest to get the best work out of him, I had to be by his side. I loved that part.

I started understanding why people mentor even for free.

You can share the priceless pride.

When we finally hit 10k followers on our Instagram account after I left it dead for him at 9.4k, I was proud of him.

You share the pride because you had some kind of contribution to that success. In the hindsight, I was proud to mentor him, not only proud of his success.

Sharing the success of someone else is the best feeling in the world and you don’t have that easily until you kill all your egos and give chance to someone else while you be by their side for assistance. Husband and wife know it.

In the mentor-mentee relationship, there’s no competition because the mentee is part of you. And the success of your mentee is your success.

Sharing success is the reward a mentee gives to the mentor. There’s no competition in this relationship, only completion of your life by someone’s inclusion.

The feelings you as a mentor have when a mentee wins can’t be explained even by Albert Einstein. It’s priceless.

Life is too short to miss another chance of living.

Your mentee is part of you who experiences what you can’t in the short life that is always ready to surprise at any moment.

Having a mentee gives you the ability to challenge nature. You can live twice while being alive once.

A mentee becomes the window through which can look through your own life you always thought is great.

You can’t feed anyone biryani when having cereals in your bowl. Whatever knowledge you have or applied in your life, you transmit it to your mentee. While he experiences the moments, you too get the chance to have a front-row seat to those experiences.

When your life sucks, your mentee could be the one that reignites you. You can experience more than you can try in your entire life when you have a mentee.

He becomes a definition of you while having the characteristics that make him unique.

Smartness is taking away everything you can and if it’s useless, throwing it away. Try this mentor-mentee relationship. This might be what you were waiting for.

You can be the one to make them dream.

Life is hard. Not everyone is available for us all the time and that’s what’s realistic.

Maybe they don’t know a mentor can make them the world-richest man. Or, maybe they are afraid to message you because you’ll not even check it as you have to spend time with your third girlfriend after a tiring day.

Allow them to get direct access to yours. You know how it feels to not get the kind of advice or suggestions when you started. You regret how many years you could have saved if only any of the 93 people you messaged would reply you.

You can be the one to give them hope.

Life is too short to be selfish about buying a Lamborghini, taking one picture with it and keeping it parked in the garage for life while covering it with aluminium foil so that rat’s teeth break just to show off. You can light someone’s broken world by giving them access to you.

The happiness I saw when I guided a volunteer at our team to not waste time unnecessarily and secretly gave him a course to gain a skill was invaluable. It is more satisfying when they finally become a better version of themselves with your assistance. I can’t express that feeling but just thinking about it always makes my day which going to eat at the five-stars without having to pay ever couldn’t.

You being the reason for someone to be happy is a gift not even Elon Musk can buy.

Giving people your time and being available for them skipping Netflix and changing their life by giving them direct access to yours is an incredible experience. You can trust me on that.

You leave your ego in the dark cave and close it with a rock that looks similar to the other ones.

Ego is your younger brother’s wife’s brother-in-law’s fourth girlfriend that you hate but her sister’s husband’s father-in-law’s daughter wants to marry you. Complicating, right? You’re right: Ego is complicating. So smart you are.

Ego makes you a zombie who runs after itself to eat itself.

Mentoring someone makes you humble. Because you start understanding people can be weak, you understand anybody can be wrong, you realise you were always wrong.

Humbleness is a trait only the lucky ones get to acquire and if you get it, your life becomes amazing. You don’t care about any negativity you have in life because you understand people can have a bad day.

Ego kills. Humbleness welcomes.

You amplify the knowledge for generations.

Everyone will die but the goal is to make knowledge smile and thank us on our deathbed.

The greatest gift we can give to this world is to share our knowledge and when we share, knowledge amplifies.

Mentorship is contagious. If you bring a kid from slum and help him dream, be by his side when he works on that dream, when he finally becomes a successful human being, he’ll be inspired to pay forward this debt to the world. When mentorship increases, knowledge amplifies.

Mentorship could give you a new purpose to live your life.

You don’t need to always be available.

Making people feel suck is mentorship too.

This is a special mentorship. You are the invisible push that helps your mentee to execute miracles.

You criticize them to build their grit and push them forward without acting as the person without whom their life would be incomplete.

What’s cool about that? In the end, people understand it and they’ll appreciate you with a thank you. That thank you will be incredibly satisfying. But you can enjoy them grow and be satisfied even before that thank you.

A mentor-mentee relationship is invaluable. It is way more satisfying and profitable for the mentor than the mentee.

You don’t mentor, you live your life twice while living only once.

You experience more than you can try in your entire life.

You kill your ego and welcome humbleness.

You are the one that made others dream come to reality.

This is a fun way to take away.

I started an initiative on Medium where I thought of amplifying ideas in just one minute because one minute matters the most in deadly times like attempting a suicide, hard times like a having a breakup, embarrassing times like getting bullied. I proudly named it 1 Minute Miracle.

Take this miracle:

“A mentor is water. A mentee is the water bottle. Both needs each other. Water cleans the bottle while the bottle gives the water place to be in.”

What’s the fun part? With this website, you can edit the bolded parts of the takeaway and use whatever words help you remember it and get an image which you can download to store and access it whenever you need it. Grasp the concepts in the way you want to grasp it.

Here are two examples to get you started:

  1. “A mentor is toothpaste. A mentee is a toothpaste container. Both needs each other. Toothpaste fills the container while the container gives the toothpaste place to be in.”
  2. “A mentor is the pillow. A mentee is the pillow cover. Both needs each other. Pillow fills the cover while the cover gives the pillow place to be in.”

“This is fun,” remarked my grandma.

She is bold. She grasped away with:

“A mentor is a husband. A mentee is a wife. Both needs each other. Husband fills the wife while the wife gives the husband place to be in.”

Image by my Grandma, trust me on that

Trust me I didn’t still understand what she meant.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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