Money Is Simply A Feeling You Run After

The good news is: There’s good news.

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I’m a paper digger. I chase money.

I chase money so I don’t have to chase it. I never got a paycheck in my life though.

I am not your Clubhouse room member Elon too though. My perspective changed when money became my happiness killer after I was too driven by it.

I can’t give you the experience I had when my happiness was killed but I can help change your perspective so you don’t have to face the pain.

A change in perspective makes your life a little beautiful than it is.

Money Is Just a Feeling

A full stomach is a feeling. A smile on your kid's face is a feeling. Having a roof over the hair is a feeling.

Money can buy you feelings. You think that. It does oftentimes. Feelings drive you and your actions. If you aren’t driven by feelings, you wouldn’t even read this post.

Money is just a feeling. Money acts as a way to earn better feelings so money is the feeling.

You Can’t Help (You Can)

Your feelings are defined by your life situations. The same when it comes for money.

Life can bend you if you let it. Life can also shape you if you let it. Life secretly changes your situation and messes your perspective to blind you. You can choose to not fall into the trap.

You can define your own feelings towards anything, especially money if you can gain a better perspective of that thing.

Five Types of Major Money Chasers

1. The Confidence Crisper

Money gives confidence. They are fuelled by that. They can do anything to have money so they can feel confident about being alive.

Confidence isn’t bad, though. Good confidence is not worrying when your loved one is dying and being able to be by their side remembering.

Bad confidence is being trapped by money and letting it be your label and purpose of being alive.

If they have bad confidence, they’ll even be ready to abandon and betray their loved ones for sleeping with money day and night.

They are the worst. But they are the best. They’ll work at anything you give them even though they might hate it. They just need more money.

2. The Dent Chaser

You won’t find them wasting time. They usually try to do multiple things at a time. They are trying to figure out something they actually love and that also have a scope of creating an impact on someone’s life. They need money to keep doing that work and experiment with different works. They’re willing to bet all their money on something they love.

They won’t have much debt. Nothing at all.

They are usually figuring out their purpose in life while also impacting people. They chase money for that reason.

3. The Show-Off Party

You’ll find them at parties and five-stars. Whatever they do, they do it to show off. They won’t have an account on Blinkist. They have an Instagram account. They want to have something to brag off at the picnic or a party. They are mostly alone, however.

They’ll have two latest versions of iPhones while their parents are now Kidney-less. Their device storage is always fuller than New York’s railway station. They always need a cool picture. They buy dogs so they can monetize them. They are active on social media 25/8.

They aren’t bad though. They just couldn’t help with their situation yet. Maybe they faced a tragedy in their childhood and they couldn’t grasp the wisdom the tragedy had to offer.

They couldn’t find their worth yet. They don’t know what their value is. They are still trying to figure that out.

Now showing off their net worth becomes a way to escape the mental trauma of not having their own worth.

4. The Mental Escaper

Busyness is their business. They think being busy is being alive.

They are often physically fit but mentally unhappy. Sometimes they aren’t physically fit too which is the reason they are mentally sad.

They think busyness equals more business, meaning money.

They don’t need money, however. They just need money as a justification for the work done. That’s why they never feel enough of the money they receive. They feel they deserve more.

You won’t even know how they truly feel. They are Tony Robbins at faking things. You’ll feel like you don’t know him how bad of a friend you are.

Busyness is a way for them to escape their mental stress which they don’t even know there is.

5. The Survival Scoper

Money is their necessity. They can’t save. They eat right after earning something. They can’t even take a lunch break. They are the least at home. Their pay is less than an ant’s eye. They are trying to make sense of the world. They are the strongest. They can’t help but they enjoy everything. Life teaches them what a comfy bed with a soft blanket forgets to. They are the happiest. They need money to survive not to stay awake in the bar at night. They don’t have any money at night before going to bed. They are afraid they can’t run to the hospital if something happens to someone in their family at night. But they still sleep with a “Tomorrow will be a fun day. Good night.”

When you stop feeling, you stop caring.

You can stop feeling anything about money if you want. But you can’t stay without it longer. Money is naughty. It never begs. It just somehow forces you to beg for it.

The Divine Dresser Is the Answer

I chase money for this. I’m a Divine Dresser.

I use money as a way to grow. I’m writing this post with one public motive: making you think to make you better sense of your life. The private motive even I fear telling it out loud to myself is: I want more followers and views and reach and money and fame and freedom.

Unfortunately, private motives drive us far longer than public motives we fake till we make it. But I’m getting better at it daily.

Money encourages forced learning. Forced learning unlocks your curiosity. Unlocked curiosity is the divine purpose of life.

Divine Dresser doesn’t care about money. They use money (or the strive of earning money) as a way to learn. Money is just a source of wisdom collection for them. This helps them spend more time with family and impact people after they learn.

They are the best of all.

You can’t understand money your whole life. The money business grows that way. But you can change your feelings about money by changing your perspective. A little change in perspective changes everything. Feelings can drive you anywhere. Money is just a feeling to buy better feelings. You can choose not to fall into the trap by defining the feelings you assign money to.

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers:

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