My School Ensures Customer Satisfaction in a Unique Way

The secret weapon is: overdelivering

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It’s 7 am again.

Waking up feels dreading. Thought of classes feels upsetting. Sitting in the class feels boring.

There’s no way. You have to wake up, go to class, and sit.

But I used to wake up, go to class, and observe.

Schools might be boring because there’s nothing entertaining here.

But, marketing is entertaining and in my school, along with studies, I learned marketing as well.

Observing taught me a lot about marketing. I figured out how my school ensures customer satisfaction. It was fun to discover that.

And, I hope it will be more fun to share it with you.

The Traditional Way Doesn’t Work Anymore

Everyone does those common little things like giving away free sweets on occasions, organizing parent-teacher or parent-board meetings (to ensure that parents are aware of everything that goes around the school and make them feel special), certificates for almost every competition (I mean for even the ‘Worst Writing of the Month’), keeping on improving the school, and so on and on and on.

Those are fine but don’t work anymore. Those are not enough to make students feel excited to study and parents feel safe to admit.

Our school outperforms this.

The Classes Used to End Very Late

It’s 09.05 am, time for the next class, still, the teacher keeps on explaining and asking us whether we have any doubts.

That’s fine, appreciated, and accepted.

It’s 02.00 pm, the past 10 minutes after the school ending period, still, the teacher is asking us “do you have any doubts, children?” and keeps explaining to us.

This is annoying for us students. We want to go home, soon. Our thought at that time: “Ma’am, really?”

Finally, she leaves us at 02.05 pm. Thank God.

Now we have to face our parent’s question: “What made you late again, today?”

We’re happy as we won’t be lying today: “Dad, our teacher didn’t leave us. She was explaining a topic to us.”

Parents are super-happy. They feel like teachers care a lot about us.

Now, it’s not that the secret agenda of teachers is to manipulate the parents by leaving us late. It just highlights the extent to which the teachers care about us students, and ultimately making the parents happy.

Free Classes Are a Uniqueness

Recently our online classes started and we were delighted as it’s online.

Our parents were super-delighted as we had the option to try the online classes free for a month (as it’s a totally new way of teaching for the teachers and learning for us). And, one month is a long time. Our school is the only one to offer classes for free.

Parents too are happy not because they don’t need to pay, but because we don’t need to pay for something that we aren’t sure how it goes by.

Zoom Meeting Became True Marketing

Our classes used to be 40 minutes and there would no breaks after one class, before the pandemic. But now, in the online classes, we get a break of 5 minutes after every 40 minutes of one class.

Teachers don’t tell us that free meetings last for just 40 minutes and we can’t join another Zoom meeting 5 minutes after that meeting.

In turn, students feel happy as they get 5 minutes to chat with their crush, or go to the washroom or just relax. And ultimately cutting off 30 minutes of class time at the end of the day.

Teachers are happy.

Students are way happy about this.

The parents are super happy.

Final Thoughts

Schools aren’t just about teachers and students. It’s about parents too.

Parents should feel safe for their children to be in school. Parents should feel safe to have their children with teachers. Parents should feel safe that their students are in good hands.

And our school almost always rocks at it.

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