My Whole Life Runs on Experiments

Experiments make life fun and I do it daily

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The cool thing about your life is that you can do whatever you want to do and nobody even care, unless it raises some major issues — political, social, global, etc. Solitary isn’t always bad, this seems.

My whole life has been running on experimenting and I didn’t realize it until recently.

I could do it because I wanted to embrace failure, even though I have been insecure my whole life. It becomes easier when you have got nothing to lose.

Here are some crazy things I have done, why I have done them, and what I have learned from them.

I Work for Free to Experiment

I gave away 1.9 years of my life, wasted 19 hours of our founder, killed 19 other dreams of mine to learn 19 lessons about startup culture while working for free.

While doing that, most of the time I had to ignore my studies, my friends, my health, my siblings, my personal time, my toilet seat— everything, to spend time for my work.

I wanted to see my worth in a start-up, with zero skills, aged 15 (right when I joined the startup), who was bad with communication, very insecure about everything, got offended very easily, and was a bad human being.

I have made it to the top now and here’s what I figured out:

Five ingredients are all it takes…gettin' to the top of the game…possibilities…yeah, that’s all you need:

  1. You gotta be working smart. Hard work doesn’t pay off and it’s a cliché now. This shows you care both for the company and yourself.
  2. Ask a lot of questions, remember the answer forever. This makes you seem serious.
  3. Surprise the deadline: give a deadline to the deadline for the main deadline. This polishes your sincerity and commitment.
  4. Work extra, without even anyone telling you. This hints how persistent you are to marry the CEO’s daughter.
  5. Invite the CEO and the team to your sister’s wedding. This suggests you are working towards for a healthy, long-time relationship and not for the money, position, or reputation.

I Hurt My Studies

When I had to work, I hurt my studies. I sleep for six hours and we have classes for seven hours. The rest of the time, I wasn’t studying at home — I would be working.

I was confident I will pass and get good grades just by studying five days before the exam. But I wanted to see me fail. I wanted to see whether that was confidence or an over-confidence or an excuse.

I can now conclude this:

A little confidence is all it takes…rockin' the exam…possibilities…yeah, that’s all you need.

I Ignored My Siblings and Friends

As I was working, I ignored my family and friend. My younger sister would ask me to design a small girl illustration for her and I would promise her to do it after 30 minutes and forget. And when she used to come running after 30 minutes, one second and asked whether I will do it now, I would silently run to the café, to work. Because I had to.

I never had friends at school for this reason. I didn’t talk for 11 years straight (pandemic didn’t allow me to make a record of 12 years), to observe the world, analyze the surrounding and think (especially new marketing ideas for our company.)

I couldn’t visit the park with my family or friends. I couldn’t even take proper personal care.

I ignored them to see whether hard work pays off, whether success is for hard workers. To see whether I can trade my time with my enjoyment and family, to achieve something big. To see whether I can be alone and still be happy. To see whether I am the only selfish person in the world.

Now I can smilingly conclude this:

One family smile is all it takes…makin' your day awesome…possibilities…yeah, that’s all you need.

I don’t have any life beside that. Simple life.

That’s Where Learning Comes From

Experimenting brings learning because you try something different and then you learn something different.

Experimenting always makes you, and never breaks you.

That’s where realization comes from. Because life works on realization — One realization is all it took…for Newton to discover gravity…possibilities…yeah, that’s all it took.

Just tattoo this on your back (no, I won’t try to see it): “Life is boring. Experiments make it fun.”

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