Phases Every Writer Goes Through

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Writing is a unique game.

You don’t need to know the rule, still, you can get in.

You don’t need to be perfect, still, you can try.

You can be the loser, still, you’re welcome.

You can fail, still, get up without any wound.

You can die, still, wake up the next day.

You can rest, still, you’re working and practising, because you’re thinking and observing.

Writing journey is a love journey. It’s never linear but the experience everyone has is almost the same and if we persist, we win.

I talked with a few “successful” writers. Everyone started with article/blog writing. Their journey was almost similar to mine.

This means, you too can be successful if you persist, like me. I’m getting there, soon.

You can use this as your checklist or compass or a motivator.

Baby Trial

You start out of fun. You try, learn, fail and win.

Excessive Hype

“I’ll write 10 articles every day and publish at least 5 daily.”

At this point, you are super excited.

You try. You realize the pain. That it’s hard.

You understand the truth that it’s difficult to write and publish consistently, daily.

Fight Two Villains

You can make time for writing. You love to write, at least you feel that way.

But you can’t always find good ideas to write about or you can’t choose between a lot of ideas.

Publications are dreading. What you thought would make the Editors fall in love with you just got rejected.

Yet you try again, with something different. You fail.


You start feeling demotivated.

What you initially thought is not realistic now.

Other writers are way more successful.

You feel like it’s too late.


Things don’t feel right.

Excitement goes off and you quit.

You get time to explore other areas of your life.

Writers Come Back

If you’re a true writer or aspire to be a great one, you come back again with greater enthusiasm and excitement and motivation and inspiration after some days, months or years.

Failing doesn’t seem to dread anymore.

You come back because at the bottom of your heart you know that you have it in you.

You persist.

A Bigger Dream Now

“I want to be an author.”

You are excited to write a book.

Article writing seems boring.

You feel like you know a lot to get started into writing a book.

You feel like you will publish it in one day or at least by the end of the month.

No Progress

Book writing is fun for you.

Not much to worry about publication yet. You don’t need to research a lot, at least initially.

You can write it in your own pace.

But you don’t feel like making any nice progress as you could with articles.

Patch up

You start writing articles again.

It is tough: finding good ideas, pitching editors, waiting for them to accept it, getting rejected, finding new ideas again and on and on and on.

But you love that. You persist.

You either work on your book side-by-side or you hold it for some time.

Find Fans

You find your fans through blog/article writing.

You keep working to get them.

You keep writing to make them awesome.

Book Victory

Once you have a book, you finally start working on the book. You finish it quicker than you thought.

You already have fans who are willing to buy it. That’s your motivation.


You write new books, make courses, start different online businesses.


You enjoy what you do even though sometimes you don’t feel like persisting.

Take This Away

You’re not alone in the journey. But our roads could be different and that’s what’s fun. Just keep walking.

Persist, and you win. I win. We’ll meet there, together. (wink)

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