Presiden Bar, I bet nobody knows this except me: you secretly try to cook.

I’m also 999.99% sure you love grilled meat, yeah? (Myself too. Bow-five.)

Here’s the framework I grasped from your brilliant process to tackle the toughest decision-making:

  1. The meat is the decision
  2. You already know how your mother grilled meats (you already have some opinion)
  3. Bring in a few people (chef) and ask them what all to add to that meat (being in other's viewpoint and perspective)
  4. Marinate the meat as long as needed (take time to reflect and think)
  5. If you feel like adding something else from your own, do it (ensure you embed your principles)
  6. Release the marinated meat in the oil (just take the decision)
  7. In the end, it might burn but you’re done (it might not always be right, but you tried)

We miss you, Bar.

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