Reject That Article, Yourself!

The way you reject your friend’s toothpaste choice

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Sometimes all we need is a sense of freedom.

Sometimes some pieces are never worth it.

Sometimes it’s better to stop working on that.

Because sometimes those pieces paralyze us for weeks. And we doubt on ourselves for months.

If you don’t feel like working on an idea, stop that. That’s the signal that it isn’t worth it now.

There’s no pressure on you. That’s not a must. It’s not the top-priority of Facebook’s daily sprint goal.

Switch the idea.

Avoid the scarcity mindset.

That article will be bad anyway, and when you submit to publications with guilt and get rejected, you’ll feel bad.

When you self-publish with a lot of courage and get crickets, you feel worse.

You go for a one-night-stay-over to your friend’s house. In hurries, you forget your toothpaste. “Ouch!” The one at your friend’s home? That’s too harsh for you. “Ouch!”

What’s sad? There’s no extra toothpaste available at his home. Only five extra toothbrushes.

What’s the option now? Either you can walk/drive half a mile and go buy one or you use the harsh one.

But you don’t feel like driving or walking tonight. Scary to use the harsh paste.

Any better option? Don’t brush today.

If you do brush today with the harsh one, you’ll be saying “Ouch!” every minute for the next two days. You can’t eat properly. You’ll feel pain every moment.

If you don’t brush today, you feel something missing.

What’s the option now? Walk/drive to the store.

Your toothpaste is your writing idea.

It could be unavailable or bad right now, but it’s always available at the store.

You just need to go drive. I mean read other’s work.

The toothpaste is your commitment. It’s always available in extra. But there’s no use without good, exciting ideas.

Some ideas excite the writer. That’s why we write. Because we feel it will excite the readers too.

Some ideas excite the reader. That’s why even if we don’t know about that topic, we write.

If readers are God, you are His chair. Without you, He’ll have to stand.

As a writer, you’re special. Don’t hurt yourself. New ideas are always available. You just have to read. It’s very close.

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