Routine Bores Us. Get Out of It.

Employees are unproductive for good reasons.

This pandemic made it clear.

Pandemic increased the employee work productivity to over 13%.

This isn’t a coincidence.

Nor it is because of reduced exposure of your boss’s face.

It’s because you’re finally out of your routine.

Your routine changes daily.

You changed your cousin’s best friend's child’s diaper at 9.04 a.m. today.

Yesterday you were eating scrambled eggs with tomato ketchup at that time.

Before the pandemic? It was your office hours. You had to be present in the office and working in front of your computer at the time.

Routine bores us. Entertainment is in variety.

Variety of colours makes a rainbow colourful.

Variety of events makes your life colourful and meaningful.

Get out of the routine if you haven't already.

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