3 Hacks to Connect With Your Dream Mentors

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When it comes to mentors, it looks like a solution to all our problems.

The good news is, they are. However, it’s not that easy and is expensive to find a mentor (a perfect one) for you.

And, most likely, you have already tried connecting with them, but you weren’t successful and finally stopped with no hope.

The most possible reason for that could be because you even never knew the right way to connect with them, let alone become their go-to person.

Mentors don’t owe you anything. And, you can’t be entitled to them either.

Mentorship is a really sensitive relationship. To start it, you need to give them something at first. You need to provide them with value. Then only you can expect them to help you or you get the right to ask them something.

I always wanted to connect with my dream mentors. I tried a lot of different strategies and failed. Now I figured out a few things that always work. I have nurtured my relationships with them by following these hacks.

Here, today, I give you a step-by-step, practical, sure-fire way to connect with your dream mentor and nurture your relationship with them.

Now, you might think, you do not know anything, that you have no capital, no expertise, no experience, no nothing. And you want to connect with the mentor just to learn all those. “So, how can I connect with them without all these?” you might ask.

There’s a way. Mentors are not special — they too were like you someday.

3 Things You Can Give Your Mentor Are:

  1. Your Advice
  2. Your Connection(s)
  3. Your time (the most valuable)

Now I know you’ll have a sea of excuses.

Your Excuses:

1. Advice

Now talking about advice, you might think I don’t have and I can’t even give any significant, good advice.

You might also think about what type of advice to offer because they are already successful…they know everything…they have everything.

You’ll say “I am trying to connect with them to learn from them…get advice from them.”

2. Connection

You have five friends on your Facebook (three of those are your fake profiles and one is your mom and the other your dad.)

Talking about LinkedIn, you don’t even have an account. “So, how can I have a good connection to offer?” you might ask.

3. Time

Everybody has 24 hours in a day (86400 seconds) — it’s equal for all. But, still, you say, “I’m busy, I don’t have time.”

Buddy, allow me to reply to your excuses.

My Reply to Your Excuses:

1. Advice

Don’t you recommend (push) your friend to go watch that movie?

Don’t you suggest (force) your parents to go to that restaurant?

Don’t you suggest (request) your teacher to take this test next week?

Those are a form of advice. And, you can see, the advice is easy to give — but, valuable advice is invaluable.

Now, go follow your dream mentors on social media and read their old posts. Posts when they weren’t successful.

Now, you might say, I already did it.

I doubt that. Because if you did, now you would be on a world tour with them.

Don’t scratch your head.

Here’s what I mean: if I now ask you what your mentors are always talking about, you can tell that with a blink of an eye — without even thinking. But, did you take time to analyse what your mentors don’t talk about?

Yes, you heard that right. The things your mentor doesn’t talk about the most are the of the things they want to learn about the most.

Mentors are good at one or a few topics — not everything. They too are weak in some topics and want to improve.

Just study about them online and figure out what topics they are weak at and want to improve.

Once you figure it out, good news if you’re a master of that topic already, you can easily message them and give them the advice.

Even if you’re not, you can simply do some research and find more about that particular topic and send your potential mentor with your golden advice.

2. Connection

The Great Wall Of China might have an end. But, not your connection.

Jalebi might have two and a half rolls…but, your connection is an infinite roll.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way.

Tony Robbins said it best with his one-liner which got his mother patting him on the back: “It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.”

Let’s make it simple: your brother’s father-in-law’s nephew’s friend could be JaxBlade’s mentee’s friend’s cousin. See the connection?

It’s not rocket science. You just need to think and try harder. There’s a connection everywhere.

Let me break it down for you.

Suppose, your dream mentor is healthy (fat) and he just doesn’t talk about it and tries avoiding health-related talk always (he could be shying away from that talk). There you go — there’s a high chance your dream mentor is weak on health-related topics.

Now, you can come in and offer them your connection — your brother’s father-in-law’s nephew’s friend. Now, he can connect your potential mentor with JaxBlade and your mentor will be excited to have you.

3. Time

We all have 24 hours every day.

Keep seven hours for sleep.

Seven more hours for work/study.

Then, three hours for commute, eat, and shower.

So, you still have six hours left.

Now, if you stop unnecessarily scrolling Tinder for four hours and watching cat videos on YouTube the next two hours, you can make it happen. I’m not asking you to stop completely. Keep four hours for both of that and just spend two hours for your mentor every day. You can make it happen.

Steal This Away

Mentors aren’t special. They too were like you someday.

You have a lot to offer them.

  1. Your Advice
  2. Your Connection(s)
  3. Your time (the most valuable)

You’re rich dude. Start acting like one.

Connecting with a mentor isn’t rocket science.

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My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

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