Sure, MrBeast’s Success Has A Formula

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Shajedul Karim
10 min readNov 8, 2020


Image of MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)
Image from Bugle24, cropped by author

“Mr Beast, let’s make a deal. Give me $1,000,000 and you get to keep your secret.

What’s say?”

(MrBeast feels jittery, a little confused, lost words, mouth opened…)

“I can give you five minutes to think, discuss or pee.”

“Chris, what do you think Jimmy should choose?”

Chris: Uhm, probably try to keep his secret.

“Karl, what do you think?”

Karl: He should give you the million.

“Okay Karl, if you can convince Jimmy to give us $2,000,000, I’ll let you keep half of it.”

(Karl is electrified and has no words…)

“How are you feeling, Chandler?”

Chandler: “Well, I feel a bit dizzy.”


“What about you, Jimmy? How do you feel?”


“Jimmy, you done?” (On the side, Karl tries to eagerly convince him)

(Jimmy is still in a shock and can’t speak anything)

Funny gif of MrBeast showing his confused state
Gif edited by Author

“Chandler, give us a countdown of three with a screech. If Jimmy is still silent, we’ll take it as a reveal the secret.”

Chander: threeeeeee…twwoooo…waaaane…

“Jimmy, now that you have chosen to remain silent, I’m taking your silence as a yes to the secret-revelation. You have lost your secret, but let’s see what you could have saved.”

The Formula Is Nine Words With an -ion

MrBeast plays with our emotions — anticipation. The anticipation of what could happen next, right from the title itself. The anticipation of what could go wrong in the video. The anticipation of being the observer with all the super-power of knowing the secrets (no, not the winner) beforehand. These anticipations make us forget all our worries and gets us excited to watch the video.



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