Sure, Write for Claps, but Just 1

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My publishing frequency doubled in the last 10 days after the second feedback I received.

I have got the pattern now.

This is the feedback I received.

Offer a Buffet, Just Inspire With One Sentence (I Mean Word)

You don’t need to write the best story. You just need to write one good sentence. That sentence will lead to some bad and some good sentence but that sentence could be all we needed.

One best sentence can lead to a thousand other good sentences and that’s how something great forms.

Think about your organization: your one sentence is the leader that makes or breaks the team.

Think about your country: the president is the dude that makes or breaks the unity.

Think about your relationship: one love is enough to give you hope to survive in a world of billions.

Think about your dreams: one dream is enough to make you happier and to get you to spread your happiness.

Think about your air conditioner: only one is enough to make the whole family cool and unite them together.

Think about the sun: only one is enough to provide lights to all over the world.

Think about your crush’s dad: only he is enough to hurt every boy’s heart.

Think about your mouth: it’s enough to produce gallons of water for thousands of swimming pool.

Think about your younger brother: only he is enough to get you teased by all of your friends.

Provide me with a buffet and let me choose my meal.

We’ll Pay You the Same Doesn’t Matter Whatever We Eat

Offer a lot of value so that your readers can choose whatever they need, themselves. So that they get what they want, themselves. We’ll pay you the same amount, but let us get whatever we want to have. Let us choose.

If I can choose my meal, I’ll pay you extra.

You Have to Offer the Buffet First

To get them to choose, you have to offer the buffet first. You have to add value in every sentence so that they can take away whatever they want and pay you extra.

Offer a buffet, because you’ll get the same amount, and maybe a tip.

I Strive for This Tip

“Today’s best read of mine.”

That changes everything.

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