Social Media Doesn’t Play With Our Emotions, Surely

It gets us to play the game of anticipation

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Tomorrow is your birthday. Yay!

Okay, I’m sorry I’m wrong. It already went yesterday.

But I loved the guess.

Social Media makes every one of us love guessing.

We love to expect and predict to then celebrate when our guess is right or get surprised with our wrong guesses.

But the emotion is always the same: we loved guessing and it was fun. The final emotion is a sense of delight because we experience the guess.

We’re on social media mostly because of hot news, cool celebrity or influencer pictures and for knowing the result of our anticipation.

Celebrities and models always post pictures of them, for us to consume.

Thanks for that.

But, looking closely, they get us to anticipate what their next picture will be, where will it be, when will it be, how will it be, what all things will be there and whatnot.

The same thing actors or actresses do is, they get us to anticipate new movies or advertisements by giving us a slight peek into their behind-the-scenes.

We go to watch those movies or ads to know the result of our guesses about those movies or ads.

They earn more through that.

What Does This Mean?

First of all, social media is a time waste.

Social media is so attractive, it calls you and waste your time.

You do realize it but you get hooked because of that anticipation of what could happen next.

This also means celebrities or influencers or models are human too.

They too have to worry about proper lighting, proper setting, proper dress up, proper makeup, for you.

Celebrities too are human, strike the same feelings as you, go through negative or bad situations like you and aren’t special.

Stop guessing about them and helping them earn more.

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