The 10.3 Minutes Rule: Popcorn Making Technique to Write Better

5 minutes to change how you write, forever

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Ugh! It sucks.

Just 3 seconds and your mind-blowing, groundbreaking, virality-attracting writing idea shattered.

It hurts a lot. Especially when you are almost at the edge of quitting and you wanted to give that last try.

You’re hopeless again. You need ideas. You need to write.

But you can’t.

This happened to me a lot. But then, fortunately, I watched an amazing talk (sorry, it’s in Bengali) by my mentor that changed everything.

He stressed, “Success for you as a human is to make mistakes and make it very often.”

That got me inspired to write more and hence get better sooner.

Just Spend 10 Minutes to Write

Don’t try to overthink what you couldn’t achieve or understand in those 10 minutes. You wanted to give 10 minutes to that task, which is writing, and you gave that. That’s a success.

Your only goal in those 10 minutes is to write.

Do you know what will happen if a class one student starts thinking about what will happen by becoming a doctor, engineer, or an accountant? He’ll never be able to study even after 20 years.

Success, for you, as a writer isn’t to get published, but to write.

Start Writing Before, Not After

Don’t say that you’ll write after having your dinner. Instead say: “I have 10 minutes before dinner. I will fulfill my writing goal before that.”

Now, why just 10 minutes? 5 minutes is very less. Opening your editor will take up that time. 20 minutes is way too much for keeping our focus. Not 25 minutes as we aren’t into Pomodoro here.

Also, 10 minutes is all it takes for making popcorn.

And why before dinner? Because I know you’re lazy, especially after having a meal.

Start Right After 3 Seconds

Right after thinking, stand up in 3 seconds and get to work. Not a simple, boring, dull standing. But a courageous, strong standing — with a feeling.

Now, why 3 seconds? Mel Robbins has a complete scientific explanation of that — for her 5 seconds rule. But we aren’t scientists. So, let’s be simple. How many times do you turn the car key before starting the car engine? You got it right — 3 times, hence 3 seconds.

Still doesn’t make sense? Okay, let me try to be a little scientific:
When you give a quick, strong jerk on the body, blood circulation in your body increases, oxygen flows all over your body, especially the brain and you start thinking and working better. Makes sense now? Cool.

Doing is the most important thing. Be courageous to stand in three seconds and do it.

But wait, there’s more to why it’s just 3 seconds.

Right after 3 seconds, some other different thoughts come into our minds. Remember how you wanted to start your assignment now but 3 seconds and you’re like: “Ohh, my friend might have already done it. I’ll take it from him tomorrow.” And boom—you never start that assignment, ever.

Also, do you remember your biggest mistake in your life to not reach her out, just because it was 3 seconds and you thought it’s not the right time today and you’ll talk with her in the farewell party? And then, you were shocked to hear that she already got engaged. I can feel your pain.

Also, you need to sprinkle salt in the corn kernel in 3 seconds to make the popcorn pop better.

Develop Feelings in Anything You Do

Do you know why you are excited to go on a romantic date with your special one every time? Because you have feelings for her and your relationship. You don’t talk with her, you express your feelings with her.

You show sincerity in your relationship. You’re consistent in greeting your special one every 5 minutes. Because you have feelings for her. Show it in your writing too.

Do This for 5 Days in a Row

We didn’t learn how to drink coffee from birth. We started drinking coffee after having breakfast or lunch and we now can’t live without it.

That’s true in anything we do. The habit starts to form this way. We start slow and suddenly we can’t live without it.

Doing this exercise for 10 minutes on one day isn’t going to work. We read just before our exam day without even sleeping but still, we fail, why? Reading just once doesn’t help. You got the idea.

Why just 5 days? Because 5 days doesn’t feel like hard work.

Don’t Fail Even Before Getting Into the Field

Getting into the game is what matters more. Think of failure and then you will never be happy. As a writer, your main success is to write daily, get into the field daily, and not fear the failure or rejections.

If you get into the game, play, and persist, you will fail. Why? Because nobody else is playing and you are. Failing means you are at least trying. It highlights that.

Don’t fail before you even get into the game.

Losers Give Excuses Because It’s Easy

It’s easy to give excuses but the outcome doesn't change that way.

We always make excuses as a human, especially of ourself. And if we can’t, we blame our Sir or our family or even our dog: “Sir isn’t good”, “Sir didn’t explain well”, “My dog is handsome so she rejected me.” But, does the outcome change that way? Never. You just remain that loser you were.

Don’t give excuses. Showcase your success.

Opportunity Knocks Our Door but We Are Lazy to Open It

Knowledge isn’t power, the courage to stand up is. If I ask you to sing in a concert just 5 minutes before the show starts, you won’t be able to do it. But you say that you want to achieve big, that you don’t get a chance. Actually the problem is within us. We don’t have the courage to stand up.

Final Thoughts

Sincerity one step at a time can turn out big. Failing means you are trying. These failures are making you better at what you do, thus increasing your confidence.

Right after 3 seconds of thinking, be courageous to stand up and start working for 10 minutes and then, have some popcorn once you are done.

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